Is White-Glove Delivery Worth It

While the modern client is preoccupied with speed, convenience, and fulfillment, companies are under increasing pressure to provide more than simply a product or service; a whole purchase experience! Companies are now embracing the newest trends in customer service and product delivery in response to this demanding lifestyle to please their customers.

Here’s where White-Glove Delivery Service comes into use.

There is careful inspection of every step from point A to point B when an item is delivered via white glove delivery. Rather than leaving the product on the sidewalk or in the driveway, white glove delivery services will bring the box or packages into your house or place of business, saving you the bother of heavy lifting and assembly.


Items sent through white glove services are packed to guarantee that they arrive in the same condition as they were before delivery with: 

  • no scratches
  • no dents
  • no broken parts. 

Some businesses construct specialized containers for your things, regardless of their size or weight.


Every step is organized according to the demands of the client: 

  • The objects handled
  • The time packages or commodities for shipment
  • the delivery time of these products to their destination. 
  • The delivery providers handle the logistics. The delivery provider handles: 
  • the correct packaging 
  • organize overnight storage
  • gives you time and space to focus on other concerns.


White glove delivery services keep their storage facilities and delivery trucks clean and safe. Cleanliness is done to avoid harm from dirt, dust, or other particles.


White glove delivery drivers are highly skilled professionals who transport products securely and efficiently to their destination. They can help with product setup and assembly. White-glove drivers are trained and equipped to guarantee that the goods are delivered to the client in a suitable condition and location, whether a large piece of furniture or a fragile lighting fixture. 


White glove drivers will safely and promptly deconstruct, remove, and transport the supplied products to the new place if you employ white-glove services for an event such as a wedding or trade fair.


White glove drivers will dispose of all boxes, crates, and packing materials as you specify, saving you time and effort.

White-Glove Delivery for the shipping of best Items

According to a poll, between 2010 and 2014, nearly 16.9 million individuals migrated to a new county. There’s a lot of movement going on there. Were you one of the millions that were affected? Do you recall how tough it was to relocate all of your possessions?

Not every item requires the services of a professional delivery driver. However, some situations necessitate meticulous attention to every detail. In general, if a product is valuable, irreplaceable, excessively heavy, difficult to build, or requires speedy assembly, it is worth White Glove delivery. 


Because specialist delivery services appreciate customer pleasure, white-glove services will treat old ceramics with the same care as a vintage bridal gown. The following are some valued products to consider employing white glove delivery services for:

  • Artworks like Sculptures and paintings.
  • Expensive pieces of equipment like Machines, musical instruments, and robots.
  • Rare objects like Artifacts and antiques.

Fragile Products: 

fragile items for delivery
Perfect for the delicate

Glass and ceramics aren’t the only fragile materials. Many items in our companies and homes require special handling and arrangement since they may include elements that might be damaged if not handled carefully. The following are examples of fragile goods that may require special treatment:

  • Decorations, whether for a festive display or an event
  • Unassembled furniture or high-end materials
  • Exhibits include Theater set pieces or trade show exhibits.
  • Chandeliers or large wall sconces are examples of lighting fixtures.
  • Glass, porcelain, chinaware, pottery, or crystal are examples of other commodities.

Unassembled and Bulky Furniture: 

If your furniture is precious, fragile, too heavy to transport alone, difficult to handle, or requires assembly, you may want to consider hiring white glove pros to deliver it.

White glove services are worth considering not only for large items but also for intricate or difficult-to-assemble equipment. We all only have so much time in the day, and it’s sometimes better to let a professional handle something.

Medical Equipment: 

There is a dire need for medical equipment in hospitals and homes. In addition to being 100 percent sanitary, the equipment must function properly upon delivery, as someone’s life may rely on it.

Your medical equipment will be handled with the highest care with White-Glove delivery. Check with your delivery company to see whether they offer medical deliveries, as they may necessitate the use of chilled vehicles.

Special Events: 

Not only would white glove delivery services carry perishable items from a caterer or other organization to the proper location, but they will also aid in the setup of special events or trade shows. It can entail delivering and assisting with:

  • Decorations
  • Chairs and tables
  • Fixtures for lighting
  • Equipment for cooking and serving
  • Food and beverage
  • Instruments for music
  • Displays or sets
  • Audio equipment or sound systems

White-Glove service can handle almost every kind of setup of the event. Contact a white glove delivery service like Custom Crating and Logistics for your next big occasion to spare yourself a lot of hassle and time.

It’s crucial to understand what you’re paying for with any company you pick because not all organizations give excellent service from start to finish. Custom Crating and Logistics, on the other hand, will be there for you every step of the journey.

Allow Custom Crating and Logistics to handle your delivery needs so you can relax and enjoy your next event or your new home without worry. Every detail is crucial when it comes to white-glove service. Are you concerned about the price? For a free quotation, contact Custom Crating and Logistics now.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

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