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As the world’s population grows, particularly in developing nations, low-cost and efficient shipping will become increasingly important for growth and development. Our Shipping Company understands that and is willing to provide the kind of Shipping that is exclusive and affordable for all.

Our Commercial Shipping Services provide a platform for developing businesses in Chicago to carry out their logistical activity without any hinderance. We feel we provide the right kind of developmental services for commercial businesses throughout Chicago and are proud to contribute to societal norms as well.

It will be equally crucial for the success of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the plan for people, peace, planet prosperity, and collaboration agreed upon by all world leaders last year.

Commercial Shipping refers to products meant to be shipped to another state or country for the goal of profit or customer acquisition by a person or group of individuals, partnership, corporation, company, society, organization, or other commercial body.

We make packing and shipping simple even if you need assistance with a one-time cargo or a regularly scheduled service. We’ll take care of everything, including freight classes and taxes. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns concerning your cargo.

We can provide a wide range of business shipping services at competitive prices because of our considerable expertise and experience in worldwide relocation and specialized cargo movement. We’re the ideal one-stop-shop for all of your transportation needs since we cut prices and save you time and money.

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    Freight Shipping by Custom Crating and Logistics


    A single delivery to one or more locations with enough items to fill a truck. 


    A single delivery to one or more locations with products that only occupy a portion of a truck. 

    Any unused space will be get removed from your account. That’s why the amount of space your item takes up in the truck determines the price of the ground shipment.

    Immediate and urgent: 

    Time-sensitive items are get driven by professional drivers to assure a lightning-fast arrival. Ideal for business emergency or catastrophe relief.

    Air and Ocean: 

    Reliable modes of worldwide delivery.

    Variety of Commercial Shipping Services

    Commercial logistics professionals at Custom Crating and Logistics offer solutions for every scenario. For large products or large volumes of things, we offer expedited delivery services. We are experienced at dealing with various customers with emergency shipping demands, whether that is due to a natural disaster, a newly enforced deadline, an unforeseen opportunity, or an urgent business necessity. We use our network of carriers in the United States and abroad to get things done on time and within budget.

    The Fine Art shipping necessitates extra caution. Our business logistics experts will work directly with you to fully comprehend the specifics of your shipment. We’ll devise a strategy for getting your high-value and antique art to its final destination securely and on schedule, all while staying inside your budget.

    When it comes to fine art, we virtually always employ our White Glove service. Our carriers provide vehicles with air ride suspension and various measures to safeguard fragile and costly things such as paintings, sculptures, antiques, and other valuables. There’s also less effort for you with interior pickup and delivery.

    When it comes to small item and parcel shipment, your pack and ship business is a pro. But what if someone requests shipping that exceeds your capacity? Custom Crating & Logistics can assist you if your item is heavy, fragile, precious, or simply too heavy for package transportation. Do you require assistance with overseas shipments? That’s something we can tackle as well. Custom Crating and Logistics’ commercial professionals design a shipment policy customized to your pack and ship business. We’ll work with you to ship large or specialist items like furniture, pallets and boxes, fine art and antiquities, and medical gadgets and lab equipment. 

    Ship freight services include: 
    • Full or less-than-truckload freight, hotshots, flatbeds, and vehicles with air-ride suspension are all available.
    • White-Glove shipping services with additional insurance options are available for furniture and other fragile items.
    • Services for expedited and emergency shipment
    • Door-to-door alternatives are available for domestic and international air and ocean freight.

    For long-distance commercial shipment, ground shipping is the best alternative. Trucks will transport your item(s) rather than boats or planes. We can provide specialized and accelerated ground delivery options based on the quantity of your shipment:

    FTL (full truckload): For stuff that will take up the entire truck.

    LTL: For freight shipments that are too large for a parcel service but not large enough to fill a complete truck.

    We provide services for all your shipping needs. It is due to our countrywide network of skilled carriers and decades of expertise. Our commercial account managers come up with unique solutions depending on your goods, budget, and timeline. We provide a variety of services, such as:

    • Whether you’re shipping a full truckload or a half-truckload, we can help (LTL)
    • Vehicles with climate control
    • Vans 
    • Flatbeds
    • Hotshots for Extra-Large and Heavy Hauling
    • Intermodal

    From moving furniture and sensitive technology to transferring your personnel, relocating an office is the main task. Custom Crating and Logistics will ensure that your workplace relocation goes well, regardless of how big or small it is, so you can focus on what matters most: getting back to business. For all of your long-distance office relocation needs, Custom Crating and Logistics offers full-service solutions. We can assist you in transporting office furniture, copiers, electronics, cubicles, and other items. We can also help you with staff relocation.

    Office & Automotive Parts Shipping Services in Chicago

    Office Furniture Shipping

    Time is a valuable commodity. Don’t spend your time or money with inexperienced or costly moving and shipping firms. We can get your office furniture relocated or transported fast and at a reasonable price.

    Moving and exporting office furniture is a snap with us. Our committed team will work with you every step of the way to guarantee that your moving and shipping services are convenient and are of reasonable price. Since we’ve been in the industry for a long time, we know how to get your furniture to its destination securely on schedule. So don’t allow workplace changes or relocations to keep you down. With Custom Crating and Logistics  on your side, you’ll get excellent service at a reasonable price.

    Because moving and shipping is difficult, it’s easy for ignorant clients to be taken advantage of by fly-by-night firms. They entice you in with cheap teaser rates, then slap you with additional charges once you’ve signed the contract. We pride ourselves on being honest with our customers with efficient Ground Shipping Scheduling and Freight Delivery as well. 

    One inexpensive rate has been found for you. We provide you with a reasonable price when you tell us the weight and dimensions of your office equipment. Because of our excellent relationships with carriers, we can give you volume discounts, which means you will save more money with us than if you went straight to a moving and shipping company.

    Auto Parts Delivery

    Engines, gearboxes, and other vehicle components are large, fragile, and oddly shaped. There is always a dire need of such a company which a client can trust to carry these products, whether you’re a shop sending parts across the nation or a collector rebuilding a classic automobile. We specialize in devising solutions for moving and shipping difficult-to-transport components, such as engines, gearboxes, and other car parts, and our engine shipping specialists can help.

    Custom Crating & Logistics makes business shipping simple and handles everything, including freight classes and taxes, whether you need assistance with a one-time cargo or a regularly scheduled service. We can accommodate most large-item shipping requirements.

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