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We don’t always live near our family members in the modern world. In certain instances, we reside halfway across the globe. What happens if we aren’t around to handle a relative’s funeral preparations after they die away? What if he specified in a will that distant family members should receive his possessions?

Services for shipping estates are the answer. The estate will be collected from the deceased’s residence, stored, sorted, shipped, and delivered by a corporation. 

Moving businesses provide estate shipping services. 

Estate shipping services often involve taking up the estate’s contents, keeping them in storage until it’s time to send them, and then determining what has to be transported. The products are then dispatched using the recipient’s chosen delivery method. The moving firm manages the delivery of the belongings to the recipient when they reach their location.

It’s never simple to move. Having the advice of a company familiar with estate movements may make all the difference, whether a personal item is being split and transported following the death of a loved one or is being transferred when someone wishes to downsize. Count on Custom Crating and Logistics as your go-to provider.

We provide a comprehensive selection of inexpensive, expert estate moving services. You select only the services you require, and we can probably also satisfy your needs if you require a specific solution not included in our given options.

Custom Crating and Logistics handles every aspect of transporting an estate or trust. We can label, sort, and send numerous goods from an estate to one site or several locations anywhere in the country or the world.

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    Extraordinary Care for Your Valuable Items

    We are your one-stop shop for expert crating, packing, and shipping, whether you need to downsize, relocate, consolidate, or completely liquidate an estate. Your furniture, delicate antiques, and personal items will be handled with the utmost care from pickup to delivery. Custom Crating and Logistics is a top expert in estate shipping because of this.

    Services for Estate Distribution

    All of your estate transportation requirements may be satisfied by us. We ship all items either huge, too heavy, or too precious for someone else.

    • a door-to-door, white-glove pickup and delivery service
    • All valuable objects will be protected by custom packing and padding.
    • Wood crates and corrugated containers are both utilized for shipping, ensuring that you have the best possible container for secure transportation.
    • insurance for antiques, glass, and unique artwork
    • The best carrier for the products, your spending limit, and your timetable

    White-glove services for estate shipping:

    Items of high-value demand high-value management. Custom rating and Logistics provide 

    value-added, white-glove services for this purpose. We take highly seriously the duty of ensuring the security of your valuables.

    Our white-glove services assure that your item is carried by the best specialist shipping company.

    We take great care when working in your house or place of business, protecting your floors wherever necessary with blankets and runners.

    Crate cushioning and packaging services for estate shipping:

    Custom Crating and Logistics distinguishes itself from the competition by providing customized crate cushion packing for estate shipment. Based on the product’s characteristics, elements like density, shock value, drop, vibration, and recovery, the amount and volume of cushioning materials like polyethylene or polyurethane foams are chosen. The product may be damaged or destroyed during routine transportation without proper cushioning.

    Each shipment is distinct. Because of this, we provide a variety of packaging products, such as:

    • Corrugated
    • Hardshell containers
    • special insulating
    • Anti-static
    • Barrier to vapor
    • Wrapping in heat shrink

    Solutions For Packaging That Support Our Crates:

    Our thorough crating services work hand in hand with the unique packing strategies created to safeguard your goods. We know that these precautions are equally essential to the safety of your items as the container itself.

    Additionally, we make the most of every square inch of each container to ensure that your item is secure and fits tightly within the crate. Our packaging professionals use premium materials to create unique padding, wrapping, and supports that guarantee a safe passage through the erratic shipping stream.


    Corrugated packaging for estate shipping:

    Custom Crating and Logistics offers custom corrugated containers and boxes for estate shipping. For the construction of specially made cargo containers, corrugated is a durable, adaptable, and lightweight material. When creating custom corrugated cardboard boxes, double-wall corrugated fiberboard is constructed from three sheets of linerboard with two mediums or flutes between them.

    For commodities that need less protection during transportation and handling, corrugated packing is a less costly option than wood crates. Each container accommodates the requirements of the product to be delivered. Various parameters are considered, including weight, size, value, mode of transportation, and destination, to provide our clients with the ideal container.

    Strapping, banding and palletizing are other methods of strengthening corrugated containers. Your things will be delivered securely, undamaged, and on schedule because of our experience. For every purpose involving corrugated containers or customized boxes, Custom Crating and Logistics provides free quotations. We manage every step of the shipping process, from pickup to delivery, including packaging, crating, and insurance.

    Cargo insurance for your products

    With specific permission from our insurance provider, we are qualified to pack and box practically any valuable object. Due to our many years of very low claim ratios, we have access to this exceptional coverage. Custom Crating and Logistics is a trustworthy one-stop shop for all your moving needs, whether you need to relocate a single item of furniture, a complete estate, or your entire company.
    Custom Crating and Logistics isn’t your typical shipping and crating business. We offer services one cannot receive from other companies at our independently owned and operated company. To prevent damage to your valuables, we employ a range of materials and custom-made boxes and crates (PE foam, bubble, glassine, anti-static wrap, vapor barrier, heat shrink, etc.).

    Our Trusted Estate Moving Procedure:

    To ensure estate moves run successfully, we first evaluate the goods you need to ship or move to see whether they need padding, special wrapping, a corrugated box, or a specialized container. Then, we create a thorough inventory of each item, including each delivery location (some items are shipped to family members across the country).

    Then, we pick up all the objects that need to be moved and make sure that every item, including furniture, antiques, works of art, and priceless family heirlooms, is safely packaged for safe, damage-free delivery. Then, domestically or internationally, we deliver or ship the things where you need them. If required, unpacking and setup are available as part of our white-glove delivery service.

    We can offer insurance for the duration of the transaction, starting with pickup and ending with delivery.

    4 Important Elements of Estate Moving Services:

    Custom Crating and Logistics is an expert in estate shipping handling every aspect:

    • Identifying the services you require
    • picking up your belongings
    • Getting ready for safe and secure shipment and relocating
    • delivering your belongings

    Finally, we deliver your stuff together with great peace of mind.


    Why hire Custom Crating and Logistics for your estate shipping:

    We recognize the value of your possessions, whether they are precious family heirlooms, china, priceless paintings, or antique furniture. We take every precaution to guarantee that every item reaches its destination undamaged. To make your relocation more efficient and fun, we can also assist you in selling any extra stuff.

    We consistently offer our clients the best-specialized packing and crating options catered to any demand and budget, which is another crucial factor that makes our estate packaging and shipping service a great choice. Additionally, both domestically and internationally, we are professionals in moving various big, heavy things, such as old grand pianos and outdoor sculptures. In other words, you can count on Custom Crating and Logistics to promptly, effectively, and affordably address any estate sale or residential relocation problem!

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