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Considering the weight, size, and worth of this musical instrument, moving a piano is a challenging and crucial chore. Thus, buying and transferring an old piano from one place to another is always challenging with its safe transportation.

Shipping your piano:

Finding a shipper is one of the first stages in transporting a piano. If you’ve identified a business that can transport your piano abroad, it could or might not be a freight forwarder.

The freight forwarder coordinates with the steamship line and consolidates the goods for transportation into containers. Your things will be picked up by the business and delivered to the freight forwarder, who will inform you of the steamship line your goods will travel on, the port from where they will depart, the dates of departure and arrival, and the container number.

Several foreign piano makers wrap the pianos in airtight plastic to protect their instruments from excessive humidity before shipping. Find out if the business you employ will provide a comparable service while it is en route.

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    Cost for shipping piano:

    Since international shipping is charged by weight or volume, it may get expensive.

    The cost will differ from business to company depending on the alternatives you pick while organizing your relocation. Once the piano reaches its destination, you’ll also need to consider any taxes and import levies levied by the various government agencies.

    Packing the piano:

    Your piano will be painstakingly wrapped in padding and secured to a skid board before being shipped overseas. The skid board will be attached to a platform with the piano to prevent movement during shipping. For transportation to the air or sea freight, the crate will be sealed, labeled, and loaded onto a truck.


    It is recommended to buy insurance on the item’s replacement value at the destination. Think about every insurance option the company is presenting to you. Replacement value insurance typically only covers a portion of the item’s value. Find out if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the shipping of your piano if you have it, or do more research and buy a different type of insurance for your shipment.

    Piano Shipping with Custom Crating and Logistics:

    A piano is difficult to move, especially when traveling far away. Shipping a piano is made simple by Custom Crating and Logistics with a committed team of professionals at your side. We provide a variety of choices and will collaborate with you to develop a unique shipping strategy for your piano.

    Custom Crating and Logistics has transported thousands of pianos, including uprights, digital pianos, baby grand, and grand pianos. We can provide expert large instrument shipping for any transportation needs involving musical instruments.

    You should hire a reputable piano shipping business that can handle transporting anything as expensive and fragile as this musical instrument because it is impossible to move such a large and hefty object without additional aid. Moving pianos is a highly challenging endeavor that requires considerable ability, professionalism, and consideration. After all, a piano is a delicate and intricate instrument, and antique pianos are much more pricey and valuable. There is a chance to harm a piano’s body or sound components to the point where it can no longer generate the same sound quality, whether it is a classic concert grand or a very modest contemporary piano.

    Our skilled movers carefully handle pianos, set them upright, and utilize various specialized packaging supplies and equipment to carry, secure, and transport pianos to their destination with complete safety. Throughout the shipping procedure, we employ the appropriate blankets, piano dollies, and a specific board to support the piano’s weight.


    Piano Shipping over large distances:

    Our expert art shippers have plenty of expertise transporting pianos over long distances, and we have all the necessary equipment to guarantee their fast, safe, and interstate or even international dispatch. Custom Crating and Logistics help people who require their pianos to be hoisted up along staircases if the elevator at their residence is flawed for piano lifting. Therefore, if there are no other options, our movers are prepared to haul the piano to any floor. However, we constantly look for unique piano-moving solutions for every customer and circumstance.

    Our team has amassed all necessary tools and equipment for the safe and secure piano shipment. With years of experience moving fine art and antiques, including pianos and grand pianos, we are prepared to offer various piano shipping services for musical instruments of all shapes and sizes.

    Piano Storage service: 

    At Custom Crating and Logistics, we can help with piano insurance and offer storage services for individuals who need to relocate a piano later or renovate their home’s interior. Overall, whether it’s an organ or a unique and valuable Steinway piano, our team of piano shippers is prepared to assist you with transferring any form of musical instrument. When you rely on us for expert piano moving help, you can be sure that the entire shipping procedure will be handled professionally and that we will manage local or interstate shipping promptly and safely. Our piano handling equipment is efficient and up to date.

    Custom Crating and Logistics provide affordable piano moving rates, making shipping your prized musical instrument simple and economical.

    Customized piano moving plans:

    Grand pianos:

    When moving grand pianos, such as a baby grand, grand, concert grand, or ballroom piano, we employ trained piano movers to set up your piano for shipping. It will only be shipped with other pianos in a climate-controlled truck.

    Other Pianos:

    We also offer shipping options with indoor pickup and delivery and expert preparation for other pianos, such as spinet, studio, and upright pianos.

    Once prepped, your piano will be placed into the truck. Let our team know where you want your piano to go when it arrives, and unload it and provide inside delivery so you can resume creating beautiful music.

    packing up to send over

    Our unique advantages:

    Our skilled piano movers will prepare the grand piano for moving:

    Remove the lyre of the piano, the lid of the piano, and the piano lid hinges. Cover the piano’s notes with blankets. Over the piano board, spread two blankets.

    • A third piano mover removes the left and rear piano legs while two piano movers support the piano. Turning a wooden or metal tab will release the piano legs or cause them to screw off.
    • The piano is then gently placed on the piano board by the piano movers.
    • The remaining (right) legs are then taken off by the piano movers.
    • The piano is then wrapped in moving blankets, with some air vents left open to prevent condensation inside the piano.
    • The piano is then secured to the piano board by the piano movers, who protect belts from scratching the piano’s sides.
    • Piano movers then transfer the grand piano from the piano board to a sturdy, four-wheeled piano dolly.
    • The piano can now be transported safely and loaded into a truck by the piano movers.
    • The final (right) leg is then taken off by the piano movers.


    You don’t need to be concerned about sending your piano abroad. You’ll be able to continue playing the piano when you get to your destination with planning and preparation.

    Do you need to send a piano abroad? For a free quotation, get in touch with Custom Crating and Logistics now. We have expertise in shipping pianos abroad and will ensure your piano is safely wrapped, handled, and sent to its destination.

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