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The Best Designer Delivery Services in Chicago

Custom Crating and Logistics is a long-established company based in Chicago, providing service to the United States and Abroad.

We are committed to meeting our clients’ furniture delivery and storage needs. You can rely on us for exceptional customer service and meticulous attention to detail to guarantee that the task is completed correctly and on schedule.

Our Customers Include:

  • Interior Designers
  • Architects
  • Importers
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers 
  • Consumers

We provide the materials, services, and shipping choices you need to get your furniture where it needs to be when you need it. 

It consists of: 

  • Insurance protection
  • White-glove service for both residential and commercial pickup
  • Wraps, foams, and padding are used in packaging.
  • Moisture-barrier bagging is used to safeguard commodities during waterborne export transportation.
  • Corrugated containers with double and triple walls
  • ISPM 15 heat-treated wood containers for international transport Custom wood crates
  • Transportation via land, sea, and air
  • Delivery to both homes and businesses
  • Services that can be delivered quickly are available.

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    Cargo Insurance for Your Valuables

    With specific arrangements made via our insurance provider, we pack and crate practically any high-value item. This outstanding coverage is available because of our many years of very low claims ratios. Custom Crating and Logistics is a reliable, one-stop resource for moving a single piece of furniture, estate, or your company. 

    Commonly Delivered Furniture: 


    Armoires, sofas, desks, chairs, beds, buffets, dining room sets, dressers, mirrors, chandeliers, appliances, and complete estates are among the items that are moved.

    Commercial and Industrial: 

    Office furniture, desks, credenzas, file cabinets, seats, tables, and more are available in commercial and industrial settings.

    The Process of Shipping Furniture and other designer materials

    The process of shipping furniture, whether modern or antique, is not as simple as it may appear, and you need to exercise extreme caution when deciding how to move your items. After all, moving an antique or luxury piece of furniture isn’t the same as moving your couch or dining table; it takes competence and expertise earned through years of experience shipping great art.

    Designer furniture must be covered in special blankets to avoid scratching the surface, ruining the varnish, or causing any other harm to your priceless possessions. Furthermore, many ancient and modern artifacts include glass, necessitating their disassembly and dismantling during shipping. It’s also worth mentioning that the size and weight of some items can make furniture shipment quite hard, particularly when it comes to the living room and bedroom furniture. Some solid wood or metal objects can weigh hundreds of pounds, and the overall weight of all furniture and interior design items to be carried might be thousands of pounds. In this instance, hiring a reputable shipping company in local and international art and antique transportation is the only viable option.


    We know how to transport and ship art and antiques of any sort, including furniture and interior design pieces, at Custom Crating and Logistics. Our team of skilled art handlers and antique movers are experts in transporting exquisite furniture and high-value home décor that is prone to damage. Thousands of art objects have been transported for our clients and art industry experts from all over the world during the decades of our operation, making us an excellent choice for furniture shipping both domestically and internationally. We know what the highest standards of excellence in transporting  art and furniture are, and we always apply them throughout the whole transportation process at Custom Crating and Logistics. Furthermore, we ship as promptly and effectively as possible so that our customers know that their needs are our first concern.

    Finally, we ship art, antiques, and furniture to meet your most stringent specifications. Every step of the furniture shipping procedure is handled with the highest care and attention to detail, from picking up your valuable things from your home or workplace to packaging and crating them before delivering them to the specified location. Furthermore, thanks to our worldwide network of reliable partners, we can arrange for the safe shipping of your furniture and interior design components to virtually any location on the planet. Working with Custom Crating and Logistics will introduce you to high-quality furniture shipment services adapted to your requirements. 

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    Why rely on Custom Crating and Logistics

    Interior designers and architects have come to rely on Custom Crating and Logistics for high-quality receiving and distribution services, including quick examination and verification of everything that comes at our interior docks. We inventory and barcode each item electronically for easy reference, and we provide complete receiving reports with photographs. Our client service is second to none. As directed, we supply and install furniture, carpets, and accessories. Our warehouse is well-guarded and monitored.

    • Receiving
    • Inspection
    • Storage
    • Inventory
    • Pickup & Delivery
    • Installation and Assembly

    Furniture, carpets, and artworks are delivered and installed by Custom Crating and Logistics in collaboration with interior designers, galleries, and showrooms. You can trust our experts to complete the task correctly. Our “white-glove” installation staff have years of expertise. We collaborate closely with you to ensure the happiness of your clients. Furniture and accessories are installed according to your specified requirements. We can remove, transfer, or dispose of things from a project site upon demand and, if necessary, re-enter such items into inventory for future projects.

    Our thorough crating services complement the specific packing strategies we create to safeguard your valuables. We understand that these safeguards are just as crucial as the container itself in ensuring the safety of your goods.

    Security of your Package

    We also make the most of every square inch of space in each container, ensuring that your item remains secure and fits snuggly within the crate. Our packaging professionals create specialized padding, wrapping, and support high-end materials to ensure a safe passage through the unpredictable shipping stream.

    We can give you the best answer to any shipment difficulty since Custom Crating and Logistics operates both nationally and globally. We provide a wide range of artwork moving services, including picking up things from any place and determining the best shipping method to meet our customers’ needs in terms of time, cost, and the protection of their valuable assets.

    Before executing designer delivery service domestically or internationally, Custom Crating and Logistics evaluate all feasible transportation modalities based on their time and cost-effectiveness. Our transportation firm is distinguished by its ability to provide customized solutions.


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