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Affordable Art Shipping in Chicago

Art can be found everywhere in Chicago, from museums and galleries to road corners and public squares. Aside from that, this lovely city is home to a plethora of modern art venues, university galleries, and nonprofit art organizations, all of which showcase a diverse collection of works by established and young artists. The Windy City is like a live art display to suit everyone’s preferences. Custom Crating and Logistics is proud to be a part of this exciting art culture in Chicago and the surrounding areas and provide a complete variety of art shipping services!

We offer the proper best art transportation solution for you, whether you’re traveling across town or the state! In addition to our art shipping services in Chicago, Custom Crating and Logistics provides national and international art transportation services tailored to each client’s specific needs. We can send your assets from Chicago to any location on the globe, giving you the best art shipping service possible. Besides, we offer an art shuttle Chicago – New York that has shown to be the most affordable option to move great art and antiques between the cities safely and securely.

Our Chicago art shipping services are also the best alternative for customers who buy and sell valuable items through auction houses. Our Shipping Company is delighted to provide buyers and sellers with complete auction shipping services of the highest quality. We can pick up the product from any area, pack and package it safely, and send it to any destination most safely and cost-effectively possible.

Art and antiques acquired from galleries and dealers are subject to the same rules. We can pick up and transport your possessions swiftly and at a fair price, whether paintings, sculptures, porcelain, glass, or other fragile things.

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    Art Packaging & Crating Services

    Purchasing a work of art or an antique is merely the first step in the long and meticulous process of having it displayed in your home or private gallery. After the initial thrill of possessing this thing has worn off, figuring out how to pack and crate it is the most crucial step. Which is where our expert white glove delivery work comes in that takes extra care with meticulous handling, crating and delivery that showcases our expertise. We provide a careful blend of quality art crating with woolen protection around 

    Art shipping is a complicated procedure that demands art logistics and meticulous attention to detail, which Custom Crating and Logistics provides. Art packaging and crating are essential parts of the process, as is expert artwork handling, which necessitates the professional understanding of the item’s flaws, such as the possibility for fractures, cracks, and openings. Our decades of experience as expert art shippers and handlers have helped us polish all of these talents and build a secure art shipping and packing method capable of meeting our customers’ demands.

    Packaging that protects

    All types of art are packaged, palletized, crated, boxed, and sent by Custom Crating and Logistics. Whether you’re transporting precious museum art or an emotional item, our specialized packing and crating services will guarantee it’s carefully packaged, palletized/crated/boxed, and transported anywhere in the globe. Custom Crating and Logistics gets it there with care, whether it’s an ancient statue or a one-of-a-kind sculpture.

    We can safely say we’ve been able to handle a wide range of great artwork items, from expensive paintings to valuable museum exhibitions, during its years of experience.

    We realize how vital it is for  art owners to obtain high-quality packaging services from art shippers as a dependable art shipping business that works with all types of art and antiquities. Furthermore, not every art collection is placed immediately after purchasing. Moreover, various works of art must wait for their time and place in art storage while private residences, galleries, and auction houses are being built or renovated. As a result, we provide high-quality art packaging services to safeguard artworks during storage or shipment. We ensure that all products are correctly packed with the highest-quality materials and are ready to endure any obstacles, whether for storage, local relocation, or international shipment.

    Custom Crating for All Art Pieces

    While skilled art packaging and handling are the most crucial components of the art shipping process, they aren’t always adequate to keep artwork safe while in transit. Wood crating is frequently used to convey fine paintings. Furthermore, each work of art or antique should be treated separately, based on its weight, size, and other physical characteristics. As a result, we offer bespoke crating services in-house to ensure that every item is transported safely and securely. Custom Crating and Logistics creates a wide range of high-quality custom boxes. It is to fulfill the shipping demands of a wide range of works of art, from small paintings to enormous sculptures, all of which are designed to preserve our clients’ valuables from harm in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

    Professional carpenters who work as crate builders create unique crates that provide the best quality crating services necessary for professional art packaging, delivery, shipping, and handling. We only recruit specialized crating specialists at Custom Crating and Logistics  who are passionate about their job and have a wealth of expertise constructing boxes and securing objects within them, even when it comes to enormous art pieces. Because crate manufacturing is a precise and careful crafting process for stabilizing each piece of art throughout transit, we only work with real professionals capable of safeguarding the most fragile and costly artifacts.

    It’s also worth mentioning that we have our warehouses, each of which employs professional personnel with years of experience in the bespoke furniture industry. Our art crates are dependable and durable and are even suited for international art transportation, so you can rest confident that your artworks are secure and safe during the art shipping procedure.

    White glove delivery service in Chicago

    They are, after all, enormous chunks of wood, and their use might be troublesome. We may be the best option for you because many buildings require expert insurance approvals for packaging, shipping, and installation of art pieces. Custom Crating and Logistics  is licensed to do so, and we may unpack your artworks and dispose of any wooden boxes or other packing/crating materials you no longer want. In addition, for your convenience, we provide a comprehensive variety of art installation services.

    Finally, our Chicago art shipping services are supported by a wide range of additional art services, like an art installation and exhibition plans. Custom Crating and Logistics  has completed numerous art projects, ranging from private home art arrangements to large-scale museum and gallery displays. But, we continue to grow our knowledge to provide our clients with the best art installation options. In addition, we participate in several prominent international art fairs, aiding artists and dealers with booth set-up, exhibitors, and visitors with art packing and logistics. Whatever your art handling and shipping needs in Chicago are, Custom Crating and Logistics  can help!

    Why pick us above other options? Because we have a proven track record of meticulously crafting the ideal solution for each shipment. Every piece is treated as if it were our own.

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