Construction Equipment Shipping

We offer shipping options for all your construction machines, including excavators, bulldozers, trenchers, loaders, and pavers, at Custom Crating and Logistics. We collaborate with the best drivers and tractor-trailers to transfer your construction equipment. We also offer highly trained transport professionals, delivering construction equipment for many years. Your dedicated specialist will be on hand to provide you with a customized shipping solution for your construction equipment.

We also provide affordable prices customized to your individual construction equipment shipping needs at Custom Crating and Logistics. Contact us, and our professionals will provide you with a transportation price. We want you to have enough time to manage your budget. Then, at your leisure, make the payments. If you’re doing it for the first time, our professionals can show you how.

Construction Equipment Transport Solutions on Demand:

Many huge tasks need the use of construction equipment. If you are selecting the implement for a particular project, you must examine several factors, including the size of the equipment, its function, and cost. Loaders, excavators, bulldozers, graders, telehandlers, and dump trucks are some of the most regularly used construction equipment. You’re in luck if you’re seeking shipping services for any of them. Custom Crating and Logistics offers customized shipping solutions depending on the equipment and requirements.

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    Super-Load Transport:

    A super load is an oversized or overweight cargo beyond the regular or standard legally permitted parameters. An overweight/oversize permit from the relevant road authorities is required for the best super load transport options. The weight and dimension restrictions vary by state. Thus, a thorough study is needed before commencing any super-load project. Custom Crating and Logistics have taken care of everything for you, and we are ready to provide flawless super-load delivery services for construction equipment shipping.

    Load Tracking Solutions:

    Load tracking is not your typical project since it provides a live feed of the whereabouts of your heavy equipment. The majority of heavy equipment comes in a variety of sizes, heights, and dimensions. We provide cargo tracking services to our clients for their piece of mind. You must pick a certified shipping firm that ensures safe transport and delivery of large-scale gear. Custom Crating and Logistics are the answer. You may rely on our hands-on abilities and logistics systems for any load tracking services from the port to your sites because the firm is a great shipper with years of experience carrying heavy equipment.

    Types of construction equipment we ship:

    • Dragline Excavators
    • Graders
    • Pavers
    • Dump Trucks
    • Pile Driving Machines
    • Feller Bunchers
    • Compactors
    • Bulldozers
    • Telehandlers
    • Trenchers
    • Backhoes

    Transportation of Construction Equipment Domestically and Internationally:

    Construction equipment shipment needs speed and precision, especially if the weight is heavy. We move construction equipment appropriately since it is crucial to the company’s success. So you can go to work, we transport the machinery to the destination securely and on schedule. We value your time and will not squander it. Thus, we’re considered one of the best organizations in the industry for moving construction equipment.

    We carry construction equipment within the United States as well as overseas. We will choose the best vehicle when you need to transport construction equipment to a port. Depending on your demands, we may supply a flatbed, RGN, drop deck, or a super-load trailer.

    We also handle all necessary paperwork, such as permits and customs documents.

    Transporting Construction Equipment Through Land And Sea:

    Custom Crating and logistics can move construction equipment by land or sea. We will ensure your equipment reaches its destination, whether down the river or across the ocean. Our multinational team moves construction equipment all around the world. We specialize in both port-to-port shipping and domestic hauls.

    We also provide choices for moving construction equipment in crowded urban areas. Finding a way to navigate busy city streets and restricted access areas is difficult. The solution is to contact Custom Crating and Logistics. We provide shipping solutions for areas with limited access and high traffic. Whatever your transportation requirements are, we will meet them.


    High-Quality Construction Equipment Transport Services:

    We can assist you with relocating construction equipment to a new project or a new owner. Our logistics professionals will ensure that your queries are solved. We are always available whenever you need them. Our goal is to make shipping construction equipment a pleasant experience.

    Our construction transport experience includes oversized freight transportation. , We’ll find the best transportation solution for you backhoes to bulldozers and more. Construction equipment is carefully and precisely transported. We make every effort to complete projects on time so that you may return to work as soon as feasible. We can ship construction equipment both locally and abroad.

    Shipping Guidelines for Construction Equipment Shipping:

    To prevent lugging heavy weights, disassemble construction equipment and remove attachments.

    Consult the guidelines for construction equipment shipment preparation. Consider the following ideas:

    • Disconnecting batteries, latching doors, Covering stacks, removing batteries
    • Stacks are being covered.

    Transporting construction equipment costs vary depending on the following factors:

    • Height, weight, breadth, and length of the machine
    • Whether or if the burden is too heavy.
    • The amount of distance that must be traveled.

    Wash your construction equipment before shipment to ensure good condition. Take images of your construction equipment before transferring it.

    Transporting Construction Equipment To Ruler Areas:

    Transporting building equipment into underdeveloped regions is tough. Many rural areas have gravel or dirt roads that are difficult to navigate without becoming choked with large loads. Rapid Auto Shipping provides construction equipment shipping solutions with these challenges in mind. To deal with challenging terrain, we select the best driver and rig. Custom Crating and Logistics transport your construction equipment safely and on schedule.

    Best way to ship construction equipment:

    Custom Crating and Logistics are available to assist you in shipping your construction equipment. If you need construction equipment delivered to a new project site, we’ll ensure it arrives on time. You must return to work because time is money. Thus, we customize construction equipment shipping solutions to meet your individual needs. An expert in logistics will be on hand to provide outstanding service. We can manage all your equipment transportation needs, from dispatch through delivery.

    Construction equipment is massive, and it is typically classified as an oversize or broad-load transport, necessitating the use of specialized shipping services. Our logistics experts will assist you with construction equipment transportation. Cranes may be required to load and unload larger construction equipment. Some pieces of equipment may require a ramp to be driven up. A Custom Crating and Logistics team member can tell you what works best based on the type of construction equipment, size, and weight. Custom Crating and Logistics offer a high-quality construction equipment transfer service.


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