Museum Crating

Custom Crating and Logistics offers expert crating, art storage, and shipping services to some of the most prestigious institutions around the US. We are sure we will stick to the highest museum and conservation standards intended to protect artwork during transportation, storage, and installation. It is because we have years of experience in packing, safe handling, and couriering valuable and fragile objects (such as Old Master paintings, large sculptures, antique furniture, porcelain figurines, and other items made from various materials).

Throughout the nation, Custom Crating and Logistics works with the famous museum to provide packing and crating services for traveling exhibits. To fulfill museum and conservation requirements and safeguard things throughout storage, handling, and transit, we have decades of expertise in handling, preparing, and packaging goods such as paintings, paper, stone, plaster, furniture, wood objects, fabrics, and other materials.

Museum Crates:

We pack and box museum and private art collections to provide them with stability and padding for any form of transportation. Custom Crating and Logistics are equipped with unique machinery for making professional crates, enabling us to create museum crates for any artwork, including sculptures with the oddest proportions, shapes, and weight. Every object we handle is meticulously measured to determine the packaging and museum box it needs for secure transport.

However, we provide museums and art collectors with various services in addition to packing and crating.

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    Packing and crating for shipping museum exhibits

    Our handmade shipping boxes offer solidity and cushioning for every form of transit and recurrent use. We consider the kind of object, its age and condition, the climate, humidity, and temperature conditions at the source, during transit, and at the destination, and concerns for stress and vibration during handling, storage, and transportation when constructing them.

    Frequently Packed & Crated Items for Museum Exhibits:

    • Display case
    • Information posters
    • Lightning fixture
    • A/V equipment and dioramas
    • Models
    • Reproductions

    Museum crating, packaging, and shipping services:

    • Insurance coverage:

    Custom Crating and Logistics offers professional packaging services, enabling us to provide a covering for original artwork, glass, and other items (for exclusions, see Terms & Conditions). The following insurance options are available for museum crating and shipments:

    1. Based on the specified value, Full Coverage Cargo
    2. Insurance with limited liability, solely for lost things

    We typically insure the goods from pick-up to delivery if a customer chooses to acquire our insurance coverage and a value is indicated.

    • white-glove residential and commercial pick-up
    • utilizing wraps, foams, and cushioning for packaging
    • There are accessible archival packaging materials.
    • Protection of products during waterborne export transportation using moisture-barrier bagging
    • Containers with double- and triple-wall corrugated
    • Custom wood containers for international transport that comply with ISPM 15 heat-treated wood crates
    • Transport by land, sea, and air
    • Delivery to homes and businesses
    • Expedited services

    Solutions For Packaging That Support Our Crates:

    Our thorough crating services work hand in hand with the unique packing strategies created to safeguard your goods. We know that these precautions are equally essential to the safety of your items as the container itself.

    Additionally, we make the most of every square inch of each container to ensure that your item is secure and fits tightly within the crate. Our packaging professionals use premium materials to create unique padding, wrapping, and supports that guarantee a safe passage through the erratic shipping stream.


    The trusted leader in museum crating:

    We have experience shipping any item you need to move. Almost every kind of artwork has been handled by us in the past, including:

    • high-end, unique products
    • Museum-caliber pieces
    • many types of paintings, including works made of encaustic wax
    • sculptures made of stone, plaster, metals, polychrome, ceramic and glass, and more.
    • wooden artifacts and furniture that are ethnographic
    • textiles and fibers, including leather, fur, paper, and books

    Unmatched museum crating services

    Your valuables will reach their destination on time and intact due to our expertise in museum crating.

    Inexperienced shippers shouldn’t be trusted with the transportation of priceless art. The tried-and-true method used by Custom Crating and Logistics starts with a detailed analysis that considers the product’s fragility, size, and value as well as pick-up conditions, mode of transportation, environmental elements including climate, and requirements for the end destination. The proper container and cushioning system consider each need to ensure damage-free shipping.

    We know that every customer has a unique set of requirements. From faster service to additional services like storage and uncrating, our customer service team will collaborate with you to develop a plan that satisfies your particular requirements. If you need a cheap way to send your things, we can offer the best alternative, from shipping crates to pallets and boxes. Give us your request, and we’ll fulfill it.

    Custom Crating and Logistics can handle any size transfer. We have moved everything for customers, from individual artworks to full exhibitions.

    The majority of “crating and shipping organizations” are simply brokers that hire so-called “agents” or “affiliates” to handle the most crucial task, packing your belongings for safe transport. Custom Crating and Logistics conducts and insures its packing, depending on techniques successfully used for packaging goods. You can be confident that the individuals carrying your products when you choose Custom Crating and Logistics are competent.

    We take great pride in having a skilled team of professionals committed to handling and moving valuable art with the highest care and respect. We have the chance to constantly offer the finest solutions adapted to the demands of clients due to our significant expertise in transporting huge displays throughout the globe. As a result, you can trust that we will consider every tiny detail, including the age and condition of each piece as well as the humidity and temperature levels it demands, whether it pertains to the transit and handling of artwork or the storage of an art collection. To ensure that your belongings are completely protected, we will also create lockable containers that are of museum standard.


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