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A grandfather clock from the past is much more than just a clock. If saving it for future generations, you must handle it with care and respect since it is a treasured family heritage. The fragile nature of a grandfather clock makes shipping extremely tough, but the good news is that Custom Crating and Logistics can substantially ease this chore for you. Because of our extensive expertise in transporting grandfather clocks and other antique furniture, we assure you that your priceless relic will be handled with the utmost care while in transit.

How We Ship Your Grandfather Clock

A grandfather clock of any size or vintage may be expertly packed and sent by Custom Crating and Logistics. We take great care while moving these magnificent pieces of furniture to ensure that its protected in transportation and arrives at the destination safely, with a packing and crating system you can trust. Some of the most significant steps in our approach are listed here.

A grandfather clock is a very intricate device with a delicate mechanism of several significant components. Weights, pendulums, ornamental accents, shelves, and other parts should be taken apart and packaged in separate containers. Correct chain tying is also crucial.

The majority of grandfather clocks are antiques. Thus, they might be damaged or have surface wear. As a result, before packaging and shipment, we provide a condition report for the assurance of our customers. 

Grandfather clock must be securely put inside the truck or specialist art shuttle. Since the edges are particularly prone to harm, it is preferable to use foam to cover them during the relocation.

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    Your Options for the Move

    Grandfather clocks are intricate timepieces that may be difficult to carry, especially if you’re relocating a great distance, regardless of how ancient or precious they are. Typically, you have four choices:

    • Hire a truck, then transport it yourself.
    • Employ experienced movers or a business that specializes in transporting clocks.
    • Peer-to-peer lending or shipping
    • Consolidated Shipping

    Ideal Shipping Methods for Grandfather Clock:

    For Short-Distance Moves:

    To ensure there is adequate care for the clock, we recommend a local mover (like us) that utlizes state of the art modern trucks to have your clock safely at your location. This is cost effective and recommended, rather than risking it

    For Long-Distance Moves:

    Consolidated freight is the most dependable choice for delicate, priceless, or vintage grandfather clocks sent over great distances. The greatest consolidators will put you in touch with a shipping partner specialized in moving pricey and delicate antiques like grandfather clocks. Consolidated freight services are always offered by qualified, insured specialists.

    Consolidated freight might be pricey, but it offers premium services like air-ride vehicles, help with packaging to ensure your grandfather clock is disassembled and rebuilt correctly, indoor pickup and delivery, and bespoke crate packing. For these reasons, it is generally agreed upon that shipping a grandfather clock by consolidated freight is the safest option.


    What to Consider when Shipping Grandfather Clocks

    These pendulum clocks typically stand between 6 and 8 feet tall, and their hoods have intricate carvings (the part that surrounds the clock face). The following are some of the considerations our shipping company in chicago keeps in mind when delivering:


    Grandfather clocks include fragile internal mechanisms, glass panels, chains, weights, and other components that must be handled carefully during disassembly and reassembly.

    Always use gloves when packing the internal parts of a clock since your hands’ oil and debris might discolor the pieces and obstruct the internal operations. When obtaining a price, it’s crucial to know how much glass is involved so that your shipping business can determine whether a crate has to be created.


    The average weight of grandfather clocks is from 100 to 200 lbs. They frequently need crating since they are too heavy to fit in a standard moving box. Crates should be lined with foam or other cushioning materials to hold your clock securely in place and provide optimal protection.


    Longcase clocks, commonly known as grandfather clocks, are generally 6 to 8 feet tall. Be ready with precise measurements when you phone for an estimate or submit a quote request online so the potential shipping business can create the right-sized crate.


    Older heirloom clocks are delicate and should be packed and transported with extra care.


    These watches are frequently quite emotional, making relocation difficult, especially over long distances. You may lessen your tension throughout relocation by entrusting your grandfather clock to a reputable shipping company.


    Even though it’s not particularly challenging, packing might be complicated and unpleasant if you’ve never done it before. You must always take the weights and pendulum out of your grandfather clock before moving it, and you must be careful while packaging each piece. A grandfather clock, for instance, cannot be packed using a blanket covering.

    Our Grandfather Clock Shipping Process:

    We begin by assisting you in making the necessary arrangements to handle the pendulum, weights, and internal workings.

    The clock master removes such pieces, bubble wraps them, and fastens them to the clock.

    The clock and its parts are packed carefully for transportation in a container with unique bracing and protective foam.

    Grandfather clocks are transported worldwide in vapor barrier bags with a desiccant to protect them from moisture damage while in transit.

    Over the years, we have relocated a lot of grandfather clocks, but not yours. Our employees don’t take anything for granted then managing this exquisite artwork.

    Although we are knowledgeable in this field, we approach every grandfather clock move as if it were our first. To guarantee that each item is ready for shipment, we undertake every packing and crating engagement with a specialized blocking, bracing, and cushioning solution unique to that item.


    Working with Custom Crating and Logistics will make it feasible to ship a grandfather clock safely and with little fuss. For a quick price, contact our friendly phone staff for more information!

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