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Confidence in online purchasing is increasing as the trend toward e-commerce purchasing grows. Major purchases like beds, TVs, and other home products may now be available online. Buyers may have their items delivered directly to their homes rather than transporting them so you’d need a Shipping Company that best provides these services at no extra cost. 

As a result of this shift in buying behavior, customers have come to expect a smooth, efficient experience when having their freight delivered. They want everything delivered on time and in good condition. Retailers are reconsidering their shipping techniques to ensure that the carrier they use for residential shipments understands the significance of a great customer experience to meet customer needs.

Which is what we at Custom Crating and Logistics strive towards. We have the experience and the building blocks to go the extra mile when it comes to being the residential shipping service providers you deserve. Let us take care of all the logistical issues while you sit back, relax, and wait for the arrival of your items.

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    The carrier sends freight directly to a home or business using residential delivery. Unlike regular LTL shipments, which are transported to places with loading docks, these shipments are delivered to clients’ homes or businesses either curbside or the doorstep.

    We offer full-service home moving and residential shipping solutions for all your long-distance relocation needs, whether you need help shipping a single item or your entire household. We specialize in long-distance relocations and residential shipping of more than 150 kilometers.

    According to Custom Crating and Logistics, “minor move” weighs less than 3,500 pounds. It might be anything from a couple of furniture and a few boxes to the contents of a typical two-bedroom home. We specialize in long-distance minor movements of more than 150 miles.

    Custom Crating and Logistics can provide tailored long-distance small move shipping services at lower costs than large van line movers, whether you’re moving across the state or the country, thanks to our countrywide network of experienced shippers. Our small load experts will plan the logistics of your relocation, guaranteeing a seamless transition from collection to delivery.

    For shipping between states and to or from Canada, the shipping sector has a complex collection of regulations, policies, and processes. You may have to deal with government regulations, as well as classification and labeling criteria. Custom Crating and Logistics’ shipping professionals will ensure that your shipment follows correct protocol from pickup to delivery, drawing on over 30 years of expertise and a countrywide network of interstate shipping experts.

    Every year, we assist thousands of families and companies with interstate migrations, whether they are relocating across the state or the country. You may pack your belongings or have us prepare your furniture with our White Glove service. If you need to move quickly, we can provide same-day or next-day collection.

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    White-Glove Service: 

    Preparing and transporting furniture over long distances may be stressful and time demanding, whether you’re shipping or relocating a couch, a bedroom, or your entire home.

    Every piece of Custom Crating and Logistics furniture is sent with White Glove service to ensure the safest possible journey. Our logistics specialists will build a tailored moving plan for you, and our experienced interstate movers will come to your home, pack and prepare your belongings, and load them into the truck. Our movers give interior delivery when they arrive. It’s as simple as sitting, pointing, and relaxing!

    Our logistics experts will work with you to design a tailored plan that meets your needs, whether you’re moving antiques on your own or as part of a relocation. They’ll be your single point of contact throughout the whole shipping process, from obtaining a quote to finding the best antique shipping partner for your needs to transport your antiques securely. Our network of partners includes trucks with air ride suspension, climate control, and custom crating services. All antique shipments include skilled preparation and packing services to ensure that your antique pieces are packed safely for safe travel. We strongly advise you to inquire about our insurance alternatives for further protection. 

    Custom Crating and Logistics can help you ship or move just about any type of furniture long distance with our nationwide furniture shipping experts. With our special White Glove Delivery team we strive to get your furniture in tip top shape at your home anywhere from Chicago, IL

    The following are some of the most common furniture kinds we ship:


    We take good care of sentimental, precious, and fragile dining room and kitchen furniture. We can ship all of your kitchen and dining room furniture, including dining tables and sets, bar stools, kitchen islands, bar carts, and cabinets, using custom-made moving solutions.


    Our skilled White Glove carriers will blanket wrap and prepare products like bedside tables, mattresses and frames and headboards, dressers, armoires, and bureaus for safe shipment. If you’re merely shipping a mattress or box spring, our mattress program can save you money on your relocation.


    We can transport your entire living room, including sofas, entertainment centers, coffee and end tables, chests, and bookcases, with interior pickup and delivery. Because shipping a couch or sofa may cost up to $800, it’s advisable to transport less costly couches as part of family relocation.


    Custom Crating and Logistics offers a variety of delivery options for luxury and high-value patio furniture. We can also mail less-priced items. We recommend shipping less expensive pieces as part of a home relocation because our patio furniture shipping starts at $750.

    Do you need to transport large objects over a long distance? Custom Crating and Logistics can assist you if your things are too large to transport through package shipping services but not large enough to fill a complete truck. Our problem solvers are experts in creating bespoke shipping arrangements that fit your needs. Custom Crating and Logistics can carry most large, bulky, or heavy goods, such as giant boxes, pianos, and other large instruments, china cabinets, grandfather clocks, furniture, appliances, and eBay transactions.

    Your large-item shipping will be handled by one of our logistics professionals. From quote through delivery, they’ll be your solitary point of contact. They’ll build a tailored shipment solution for your large items using our countrywide network of moving and shipping pros.

    Estate Distributions

    Estate dissolution is a challenging undertaking, but Custom Crating and Logistics’ professionals make estate preparation and distribution straightforward. We’ll collaborate with family members, executors, and trust and estate specialists to develop a unique estate moving plan for transporting delicate or precious furniture, artwork, antiques, and other items safely to their new location. 


    Our shipping and moving experts design a package that includes professional estate movers that can carry estate items from a single pickup site to several locations throughout the country.


    Packing and crating services for fragile and precious things such as art, antiques, huge items, pianos, and emotional artifacts are available as part of estate moving services.


    From estimate to delivery, your logistics consultant will manage all of the paperwork and serve as your single point of contact throughout the estate distribution process.

    Customer Crating & Logistics provides when our clients need to convey things directly to their consumers’ doorsteps quickly because reliability is a critical component of a retailer’s image. Using our less-than-truckload (LTL) and our vast network of truckload carriers, we can create a shipping strategy to get freight where it needs to go in a timely and cost-effective way. We provide round-the-clock package tracking and a single point of contact from start to finish. Our drivers execute daily pickups and deliveries at over 240 service center locations across North America. Custom Crating and Logistics now provides two- to four-hour delivery windows to better serve our customers. It enables our consumers to select a more precise delivery time, allowing them to get the items at their residence.

    Consider a company that sends workout equipment from an Atlanta warehouse to houses across the country. To accomplish so efficiently, they’ll need to use various types of transportation techniques, ranging from long-haul to regional less-than-truckload. The exercise equipment will be delivered when and where the client expects it; if the firm chooses a carrier with a network of transportation alternatives and design a delivery plan to match their demands. As a consequence, customers have a fantastic experience. And the customer’s delivery experience influences how they assess the firm from which they purchased the workout equipment.

    To explore options for improving your existing home delivery cargo strategy, contact the Customer Solutions team at Custom Crating and Logistics.

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