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Custom Crating and Logistics is a transportation industry leader in motorcycle shipment cushioning, palletizing, and crating, with over three decades of experience. Will you be attending a national motorcycle rally? Are you planning a fly-and-ride vacation? Custom Crating and Logistics can package, crate, and transport your motorbike. We offer options for whether your bike has to be fully secured in a custom crate for a long voyage or just palletized for shipment.

Keeping Your Bike Safe from Shipping Hazard:

Motorcycles require special care to guarantee they reach their destination safely and undamaged. Many risks can occur during shipment, including stress, vibration, dampness, and abrasion. Custom Crating and Logistics cushions, straps, and palletize your motorcycles for shipping. We provide the best motorcycle shipping alternatives available to help minimize risk.

No shortcuts:

In other cases, a standard container with extra padding will undoubtedly be enough. Taking shortcuts is not the Custom Crating and Logistics approach.

We will do anything to guarantee that your items are adequately protected. Often, this means a custom-built box or a one-of-a-kind packing solution, but it’s all in a day’s work for us.

Our consumers rely on us to pay close attention to detail, which we do in every engagement.

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    Comprehensive Motorcycle Transport Services

    We manage all the details, from prepping your bike for transportation to ensuring it arrives at its destination in the United States or worldwide. It includes the following:

    • Delivery and pickup
    • Strapping
    • Banding
    • Cushioning
    • Palletizing
    • Reusable exhibition crates
    • Custom crating
    • International transport Insurance is available

    Convenient, low-cost pickup and delivery of your bike

    We provide a broad range of unique pickup and delivery options for your bike travel that can be customized to fit any budget. You may also drop off things at one of our countrywide warehouse sites. We offer full-service, white-glove, interior pickup and delivery for your high-level bike. Custom Crating and Logistics also handle time-sensitive deliveries. There are guaranteed delivery options available according to your demand.


    Custom Crating and Logistics can provide custom wood pallets to carry your bike. For commodities that do not require significant packaging, skids and pallets are a cost-effective alternative to wood crates.

    A pallet is a small, movable platform with or without sides for handling, storing, shipping, transporting, and moving commodities and items. Pallets or load bases are typically made of wood and may be customized to hold loads of various sizes and weight distributions.

    Custom Crating:

    Custom Crating and Logistics design custom crating solutions for delivering bikes. We take pleasure in designing and manufacturing the best container alternatives to guarantee your products arrive safely and undamaged.

    Our engineering services use the MIL-Spec library, AutoCAD, and crating and cushioning software. 

    International Shipping:

    Custom Crating and Logistics offers over three decades of international shipping experience. You may count on our competence for shipping from the United States to Europe, Asia, or any place. We provide correct paperwork, packing, and crating requirements to guarantee overseas shipments arrive safe, damage-free, and on schedule.

    Shipping Services and Delivery Options:

    • Ocean freight, air freight, and land freight are all options.
    • Door-to-door
    • Door-to-port
    • Port-to-port
    • Shipping insurance is offered
    • Wood boxes that have been ISPM 15 certified
    • Bagging for moisture prevention/vapor barrier
    • For minor exports, less than a container load
    • For large exports, there is a requirement for a full container load 
    • Completion of custom forms and documents

    Packaging Solutions for Our Crates:

    Our comprehensive crating services complement the unique packing strategies meant to safeguard your goods. We understand that these precautions are just as crucial as the container to ensure the safety of your goods. We use every inch of space within the container to ensure your belongings remain in place without moving and fit neatly in the box for further protection.

    Our packaging specialists custom-design cushioning, wrapping, and supports using high-end materials to ensure a secure passage through the unpredictable shipping stream.


    We may insure valuable products with our insurance firm. Custom Crating and Logistics has extensive expertise in packing and transporting fragile and delicate items and large and heavy items.

    Custom Crating and Logistics is a one-stop shipping shop. You can be confident that your belongings will be safe. Insurance is in effect while things are in our possession (pickup, packaging, and transit to the final destination).

    Each freight bill is unique. Therefore, selecting the appropriate insurance is critical. Every one of our franchise sites is independently owned and operated. Contact Custom Crating and Logistics for assistance in picking the correct insurance.

    Tell us about your packing and shipping needs, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate you can use in your planning.

    At Custom Crating and Logistics, we make sure our customers are happy with us. We have an extensive portfolio of services we offer and are happy to walk you through all of them. Please do not hesitate in calling us on +1 (847) 258-5530 or emailing us on 

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