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Corporate Relocation at the Fraction of Cost in Chicago

Our Commercial Shipping gives businesses and workers the information, tools, and services they need to guarantee a seamless and successful migration. Employee support services, supplier management, applicant screening, relocation perks, and expenditure management are all features of relocation services.

Learn about the our Shipping Services, programs, and technology we offer to make corporate migration smooth and more cost-effective for you and your employees. 

Relocation Services across the USA and Canada: 

Custom Crating and Logistics offer relocation services to make managing your business relocation program in the United States and Canada easy and affordable. We walk our mobile staff through every stage of their relocation, so they arrive on time, calm, and ready to work. With our tailored -relocation services, we can save expenses without affecting service quality or employee happiness.

For corporate relocation services, the cost of talent mobility is rising. We reduce organizational expenses while maintaining high levels of service and employee satisfaction.

Our relocation management services are tailored to your organization’s goals and designed to exceed industry best practices. We will tailor a relocation program that is adaptable, cost-effective, and capable of making managing your mobile staff easier, regardless of the size or volume of your organization.

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    Pre-decisions consulting: 

    Custom Crating and Logistics can help with the pre-decision phase by providing many informational documents to aid in the relocation choice. City reports, destination information, such as schools, religious institutions, daycare, physicians, and so on, are some of the informative services; that will be provided. Simultaneously, we offer salary and relocation cost calculations, employee policy consulting, and a range of other services to help you prepare for the sale or purchase of a property.

    Strategic Consulting: 

    Custom Crating and Logistics has years of expertise in policy consulting. Our international relocation consultants operate an initial policy review as part of the execution process at no additional charge. Our goal is to make sure that each client’s talent mobility policy is up to date and complements the company’s culture, philosophy, and goals. We assist clients in putting any policy changes in place, and we continue to monitor and benchmark client policies throughout our partnership. Policy Development and Review, Industry Benchmarking Data, and Management Reporting are among Custom Crating and Logistics Strategic Consulting offerings.

    Services for Departure: 

    Custom Crating and Logistics also provides departure relocation support services such as lease break, house marketing, sales aid, moving services, expenditure tracking, and more, in addition to the first relocation policy counseling session.

    Destination Services: 

    Our relocation services extend to the final destination, where we help businesses and workers with local tours, locating new homes, temporary housing options, and settling in. Custom Crating and Logistics also provides extensive career guidance and tools for spouses and partners in the new location.

    Relocation on Global Scale

    Global relocation services have never been more crucial to corporations with an international reach. Custom Crating and Logistics can assist you in overcoming the problems that come with international company relocation. Custom Crating and Logistics guarantee that you acquire the right talent in the right place at the right price by providing services like immigration and visa solutions, virtual spotlights, language and cultural training, and more. 

    For organizations on the move, international relocation services have never been crucial. In today’s competitive market, corporate Custom Crating and Logistics for multinational firms must be tailored to meet the demands of modern worker mobility.

    We use a consultative approach to corporate global and offer programs suited to your business to build and improve international relocation services and programs based on competitive benchmarking and workforce mobility best practices.


    Management of International Programs

    Program and policy reviews to help educate employees on new policies, policy benchmarking and implementation to ensure competitiveness in your program, cost containment reviews to identify and quantify mobility costs, international group move services for many employees, relocation implementation, and transition through our network of suppliers, and document development to help improve every aspect of your program. 

    Pre-Assignment on a Global Scale: 

    Clients and candidates benefit from pre-assignment services, and Custom Crating and Logistics has the knowledge and skills to assist your firm in evaluating applicants for assignments and providing your staff with the ideal relocation experience possible. Candidate evaluations, orientation trips simulating life in the new host nation, cost, and fee forecasts, and education and adaptation assessments for workers and families are all part of our pre-assignment services.

    International Projects: 

    International assignments are highly beneficial to companies for achieving organizational goals and mobility goals. To guarantee that these overseas assignments go smoothly and efficiently, Custom Crating and Logistics implements various best practices. We appoint an assignment management coordinator to each employee to assist with all services. Custom Crating and Logistics helps families with visa and immigration services, cultural and language training, along with education, automobile, and housing search support.


    Custom Crating and Logistics  administers and consults on the host country’s leave procedures to help with country-specific departure demands such as lease terminations, deposit recoveries, refurbishing assistance, utility and local membership terminations, and cancellation of any local de-registrations.

    To help the assignee and their family reintegrate into their home culture, we also provide repatriation training.


    Group moves: 

    There are some key differences between group moves and corporate relocation programs. Custom Crating and Logistics specialize in providing services that are unique in a group move situation, allowing your teams to positively affect your workers by providing as much information as possible to satisfy the particular requirements of their families. Our clients witness increased acceptance rates and retention of their top personnel because of prior planning, policy formulation, personalized services, and clear communication.

    The proper implementation of a group transfer needs thorough analysis, preparation, and quantifiable goals like acceptance rates, talent retention, and budget adherence.

    Using industry standards and best practices, our experts will assist you in developing a competitive and cost-effective group relocation insurance. From the original concept through implementation, and finally, to complete execution of the move, our relocation professionals provide complete assistance for your group move team. We work with you to guarantee that your firm meets its goals while delivering outstanding service and peace of mind to your relocated staff.

    Custom Crating and Logistics  offers a comprehensive set of materials to assist your firm with its group relocation. Our staff will collaborate with you to create training sessions and presentations for your employees. We will also set up onsite and online resource centers where employees may learn more about the transition. Detailed destination spotlights, cost of living analyses, school reports, budgeting cost projections, orientation tours, house selling analysis (BMA), travel services, candidate expenditure monitoring, and expense tracking/management are valuable tools.

    Understanding your company demands across all disciplines is the first step in creating a healthy relocation acceptance rate for your group transfer. It usually entails identifying the crucial jobs and talent required for your company’s successful operations. Custom Crating and Logistics specialize in providing services that are unique in a group move situation, allowing our staff to positively affect your workers by providing as much information as possible to address the particular requirements of their families. If the stressors of a group relocation are handled in advance, your company may expect higher acceptance rates and happier employees.

    Additional Resources & Services

    In addition to our core relocation program offerings, Custom Crating and Logistics provides many alternative relocation tools and services to help workers and potential employees move from one place to another. Custom Crating and Logistics  can assist you with any element of the relocation process, whether it’s a lump sum or managed cap program, mobility consultancy, or career services.

    Our relocation program management is based on a people-first approach and the awareness that your employees’ experience is everything. Our relocation specialists work with your team to develop and deliver relocation policies that are tailored to your goals, issues, and corporate culture.

    Our client services team is your single point of contact for all parts of your relocation program, and they are ready to assist you with whatever you want.

    Financial Service: 

    Custom Crating and Logistics  ensures customers of transparency and comprehensive control over their staff relocation expenses in an era of cost-cutting and limited relocation budgets. Our experts are well-versed in relocation accounting, processing options, and IRS rules. We ensure that each client’s program is compliant by correctly performing all financial transactions and providing comprehensive reports. Relocation Expense Administration, Relocation Tax & Accounting Services, Equity Advances, Cost Estimating, Lump Sum Administration, and Relocation Debit Cards are Custom Crating and Logistics ‘s Financial Services.

    Our expenditure management team assists you in staying on top of all financial aspects of your migration. Cost estimates and tax gross-up calculations, as well as Direct Billing and Reimbursement options, are all available. All costs are handled, tracked, and reported in real-time using a dashboard reporting system.

    With Custom Crating and Logistics’s Corporate Relocation Services, we become a virtual extension of your organization. We can assist you with planning and developing a best-practice relocation program, delivering the type and level of expertise you require, up to and including Complete Program Management. We have helped businesses of various kinds with domestic programs in the United States, worldwide programs, and hybrid domestic/global programs. We may also offer specialized support in unique situations, such as group relocations.

    Custom Crating and Logistics’s Corporate Relocation Services can assist you in ensuring that your program is competitive and cost-effective, allowing your organization to recruit and retain the people it requires to prosper.

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