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The leading laboratory moving business in your area is Custom Crating and Logistics. We know that relocating a laboratory is an intricate and sensitive procedure that calls for experience, knowledge, and a dedication to maintaining the integrity and safety of your priceless equipment. We provide excellent services to ensure that your laboratory runs smoothly, efficiently, and without stress due to our many years of expertise and committed team of specialists. 

We take great pride in being a cut above the competition at Custom Crating and Logistics. You gain the following benefits from hiring us as your laboratory moving company:

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    Expertise in Laboratory Relocations

    Due to the delicate and priceless nature of the equipment involved, laboratory relocations need a certain combination of skills, expertise, and experience. Our unrivaled proficiency in managing laboratory relocations with accuracy and care is our defining trait. We take great pride in meeting the individual demands of each of our clients and guaranteeing a smooth and successful transfer every time.

    Our team of experts consists of people who have a thorough grasp of laboratory equipment and the difficulties in moving it. We understand that each laboratory is unique and has its collection of sensitive instruments and specialized equipment. Because of this, our professionals are skilled in handling various objects, such as delicate glassware, complex scientific equipment, and large machinery. They can choose the finest strategies for properly packing, securing and transporting these valuables thanks to their significant experience.

    When a laboratory relocates, expensive and delicate equipment is frequently involved, and care must be taken to prevent damage. The exact size and fragility of each item must be considered when building a custom crate solution by our specialists. The risk of damage during shipment is reduced thanks to these bespoke boxes’ maximum level of security. We also employ high-quality materials to protect your priceless items.

    Understanding the significance of good temperature control during transportation is one of the key components of experience in laboratory relocations. Some scientific instruments might suffer harm from changes in humidity and temperature. Custom Crating and Logistics has a fleet of climate-controlled vans and containers to handle these issues. These cutting-edge facilities ensure that your lab equipment is kept in top shape during the relocation, protecting its accuracy and functioning.

    Safety is of the utmost importance while moving a laboratory, and our crew has received considerable training in following strict safety procedures. We uphold compliance with industry norms and laws to guarantee the safe handling and shipment of your equipment. In addition, our drivers have experience handling delicate material, and we use cutting-edge security measures to stop any movement or damage while in transit.

    Beyond merely the practical issues of laboratory relocations, we are dedicated to expertise. We value open communication with our clients to understand their needs and concerns. With the help of this individualized approach, we can create a moving strategy that fits the client’s schedule, spending limit, and equipment requirements. Additionally, we provide upfront bids that are comprehensive and transparently priced so that our clients may make an informed choice about Custom Crating and Logistics.

    Customized Solutions for Every Project

    There is no such thing as a typical laboratory relocation project. Each laboratory has distinctive equipment, requirements, and obstacles that necessitate a customized strategy for a relocation to be effective. We at Custom Crating and Logistics know how important it is to meet these specific requirements, which is why we provide “Customised Solutions for Every Project.”

    Our dedication to offering individualized relocation strategies starts with your laboratory’s needs. Our team of professionals works directly with you, considering the specifics of your equipment, the nature of your study, and the timing of your migration. This thorough knowledge is the cornerstone of a painstakingly designed relocation strategy that lines with your goals and limitations.

    Our skilled personnel are prepared to handle everything, from the secure transportation of large machinery to the packing and crate-making of fragile glassware and scientific instruments. We take pride in our ability to have creative solutions to any problems that can crop up throughout the moving process.

    We know the moving process can cause particular worries and preferences for your laboratory employees. Our staff pays close attention to customer requirements, ensures clear communication, and offers assistance to allay any fears.

    We can ensure a seamless and effective laboratory transfer by customizing our services to meet your needs. Our individualized approach has given us an exceptional track record, and happy clients who can speak to the success of their transfers are proof of that. You can be sure that your laboratory transfer will be handled with the highest care, knowledge, and attention to detail when you pick Custom Crating and Logistics. Allow us to create a unique solution for your project so that the relocation of your laboratory goes smoothly and above and beyond your expectations.

    State-of-the-Art Equipment

    The importance of modern equipment cannot be emphasized in the context of laboratory relocations. The phrase “State-of-the-Art Equipment” perfectly shows how cutting-edge equipment and technology play an important role in the success, security, and effectiveness of transferring priceless and fragile laboratory equipment.

    Our investment in cutting-edge machinery at Custom Crating and Logistics shows our dedication to quality. Custom-made boxes that are made to fit each item give optimal protection during transit, reducing the possibility of damage from external impacts or vibrations.

    Additionally, the climate-controlled trucks in our fleet provide the ideal conditions for delicate scientific equipment, protecting them from temperature variations that would endanger their integrity. Our trucks’ cutting-edge locking systems firmly secure the equipment there, reducing movement while being transported.

    Our crew is equipped with cutting-edge technology to trace shipments in real-time in addition to the physical infrastructure. We can proactively resolve any possible difficulties due to this degree of control and promptly notify our clients.

    We distinguish ourselves as a laboratory moving firm that values accuracy, professionalism, and the highest care for the priceless equipment we handle using modern tools. This dedication to quality guarantees that the transfer of our customers’ laboratories is carried out without a hitch, fostering trust and peace of mind during the procedure. In essence, our investment in cutting-edge machinery is the foundation for our ongoing commitment to offering top-notch service in the field of laboratory moving.

    Security and commitment

    We know how crucial it is to abide by safety laws and professional norms when moving laboratories. Our staff is skilled at adhering to safety procedures, and we ensure that all relevant licenses and compliance standards are satisfied for a smooth moving experience.

    Our Laboratory Moving Services

    Laboratory Equipment Packing and Crating

    Any laboratory transfer must include packing and crating the lab equipment since it is essential to maintaining the safety and integrity of the priceless scientific instruments and materials while in transit. The procedure entails utilizing specialized crates and premium materials to endure the rigors of transit to skillfully package the fragile and sensitive equipment with accuracy and care.

    Our team of experts at Custom Crating and Logistics specializes in handling laboratory equipment of various shapes and sizes. We know the distinctive characteristics of scientific instruments and the necessity for extra caution when transferring them. The best packing strategy and box size are carefully considered for each item, resulting in a snug fit that avoids movement or damage during shipment.

    We start the careful planning that goes into our packing and crate-making process by making a list of every laboratory item that has to be transferred. There are specially designed containers for each object for the best possible protection. We establish a safe atmosphere within the containers using padding materials and foam inserts, protecting the equipment from shock and vibration.

    Our staff uses best practices while packaging and crating laboratory equipment with a dedication to upholding safety standards and industry norms. All equipment is handled with the same degree of care and attention to detail, including delicate glassware, exacting instruments, and even larger machines. Our knowledge in this field enables us to reduce the possibility of breakage and guarantee that your equipment reaches its destination in beautiful shape.

    Lab Configuration at the New Site

    Our staff will unload your equipment once we get to your new site and set up the equipment following your instructions. We recognize the value of a properly organized laboratory, and our professionals will put great effort into setting up your new workstation.

    Assistance with Disposal and Recycling

    During your lab relocation, if there are any materials you no longer need, we may assist with their ecologically friendly disposal or recycling. We’ll ensure that any private data is deleted and that dangerous items are disposed of legally and safely.

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    Why Choose Custom Crating and Logistics for Your Laboratory Move?

    Outstanding efficiency

    We take pleasure in our history of successfully relocating laboratories. Our grateful customers have praised our competence, effectiveness, and dedication to protecting the security of their equipment.

    Price Transparency

    We support frankness and honesty. We offer affordable prices and thorough quotations, and you know what to expect.

    Complete Insurance Protection

    Although we take all necessary safety measures to avoid mishaps, we also offer complete insurance coverage for additional piece of mind throughout your laboratory transfer.

    Excellent Customer Support

    Our customer service staff will be on hand to answer any questions or resolve any worries you may have during the relocation process. Our company values excellent customer service and transparent communication.

    Trust the Experts in Your Laboratory Move

    There is no space for compromise when it comes to moving your laboratory. Give your costly equipment to Custom Crating and Logistics, the laboratory moving company with the knowledge, tools, and commitment to handle it with the utmost care. For a free, customized price, get in touch with us right away. Let us help you relocate your laboratory successfully.

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