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Are you debating whether or not to use a delivery service? Perhaps you’ve had products sent to you that were broken, damaged, or even missing. Why do you keep putting yourself through this? If you’re a business owner or a homeowner, having a dependable furniture moving company to move and deliver your belongings is a valuable asset.

Shopping for furniture or relocating into a new location is frequently the most enjoyable aspect of the process for homeowners and business owners. However, selecting how to move the furniture from one place to another necessitates some thinking and attention.

Some folks are eager to bring their belongings to their new home as quickly as possible. For some, the most important thing is to move their furniture without causing any damage to their investment. Furthermore, many people must consider whether or not they have the proper vehicle to transport their furniture items in the first place.

Hiring a furniture delivery service is always a terrific choice.

Do you need to get a couch from one end of town to the other? Getting a mattress from a friend is a good idea. Custom Crating and Logistics deliver large pieces of furniture. 

Custom Crating and Logistics can help you transport or move just about any form of furniture long distance, thanks to our countrywide network of furniture shipping professionals. Our logistics experts will collaborate with you to create a custom furniture shipping plan that meets your requirements. Our operations team will manage the procedure from pickup to delivery. 

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    Types of Furniture We Deliver in Chicago

    Dining room and kitchen furniture that is sentimental, precious, and fragile are secure with us. All of your kitchen and dining room furniture, including dining tables and sets, bar stools, kitchen islands, bar carts, and cupboards, may be sent with our custom-made moving solutions.

    Our skilled White Glove carriers will blanket wrap and prepare items such as : 

    • Bedside Tables
    • Mattresses
    • Frames
    • Headboards
    • Dressers
    • Armoires
    • Bureaus for safe shipment.

    If you’re merely shipping a mattress or box spring, our mattress program can save you money on your relocation.

    If you’re relocating great distances and don’t want to leave your beloved mattress behind, or if you need to ship a mattress for any other reason, our logistics experts can work with you to develop a mattress shipping plan that meets your needs.

    Two types of Mattress Shipping

    • DIY Mattress Shipping
    • White-Glove Shipping

    Diy Mattress Shipping: 

    Our most convenient and cost-effective choice is to ship your mattress yourself. Rates for a single mattress starts at $475 and include all of the packing materials you’ll need to send your mattress. Just bag a package, and shrink wrap your mattress before bringing it to the curb for collection and delivery anywhere in the continental United States. This choice is best for mattresses or box springs typical in size.

    White-Glove Shipping: 

    Professional movers will prepare your mattress for transfer, load it into the truck, and then pick it up and bring it to your home. Customers who cannot pack and move their mattress and who prefer indoor pickup and delivery can benefit from this option.

    This service can also be used for the transportation of: 

    • Headboards
    • footboards
    • bed frames 

    Renting a truck and gathering packing materials, dollies, and other supplies may be time-consuming, and the prices quickly mount up. Custom Crating and Logistics will help you save money and make your relocation easier by shipping your bed and other bedroom furniture. If you need to export your bed frame or bedroom furniture over a long distance, our logistics experts can assist you in developing a customized shipping plan that meets your needs and budget.

    All varieties of beds, including platform, sleigh, and poster bed frames, headboards and footboards, canopy, bunk, futon, and loft beds, may be shipped with our assistance. Dressers, wardrobes, nightstands, mirrors, mattresses, and other bedroom furniture may all be sent with us. We can also assist you if you have an antique bedroom set.

    The safest and most convenient method to transfer a mattress is to hire a professional shipping company. Custom Crating and Logistics only work with the best professional movers in the business, so you can rest easy knowing that your mattress will arrive on time and in good condition.

    We can transport your entire living room, including sofas, entertainment centers, coffee and end tables, chests, and bookcases, with interior pickup and delivery. Because shipping a couch or sofa may cost up to $800, it’s advisable to transport less costly couches as part of large family relocation. 

    Couches are one of our houses’ heaviest and bulkiest pieces of furniture, making them difficult to transport. Our problem solvers are experts in creating bespoke shipping arrangements that fit your needs. Custom Crating and Logistics provide full-service solutions for all your long-distance relocation needs, whether you’re shipping a single sofa across the nation or need assistance relocating your entire home. Most heavy, bulky, or huge things, such as sofas, large boxes, antiques, pianos, and other furniture, maybe moved with our assistance.

    Customized sofa transport options:

    Our White Glove service is used to ship couches and other furniture. It includes the following:

    • Pickup and delivery are both available indoors.
    • Packing and preparation by professionals

    You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking a rug shipping specialist. Our logistics experts will gather all of the information regarding your rug so that they can propose the most appropriate delivery method.

    Follow our rug packing instructions to get your rug ready to ship: 

    • Make sure your rug is clean. Dirt and debris wrapped up in your rug is the last thing you want. Vacuum your rug before shipping, or have it professionally cleaned if it is filthy. Before packing up your rug, make sure it is entirely dry.
    • The rug should be rolled around the PVC pipe. Roll firmly but not overly so. An extremely tight roll may cause irreversible harm to the rug’s fibers. Stop and unroll it a little looser if you hear cracking.
    • Wrap the rug in a blanket. Wrap the rolled-up rug in thick plastic and use packing tape to fasten the edges.
    • Put the destination address on a label.

    Custom Crating and Logistics offers a variety of delivery options for luxury and high-value patio furniture. We can also mail less-priced items. 

    Why Us for your Furnishing Delivery in Chicago?

    Unrivaled Customer Service

    We take pride in offering outstanding customer service. Our customer service professionals are competent and friendly, and they will gladly answer any questions or issues you may have about our Furniture delivery service.

    Movers with Experience:

    We only collaborate with the finest in the industry. Our carriers are all professionally verified and held to the highest standards, so you can rest sure that all types of furnishings are in good hands.

    Monitoring and Tracking

    We understand how difficult shipping the furniture can be. That is why we communicate with our carriers regularly. From start to end, you’ll know exactly where your home and office furnishings are.

    A large network

    We have great relationships with carriers all around the country. That means we can transport your home and office furnishings cheaper than an individual shipping firm anywhere in the United States.


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