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There is no doubting the importance of warehouse services in the storage and interchange of products. If you’ve been involved in international trade and are searching for services to help you manage your supply chain, we’re the perfect package. Our Warehousing services give you ample room to keep finished goods and incoming activities that prepare things for storage and outgoing functions that combine, pack, and transport orders. 

Custom Crating and Logistics manages and operates customized storage space to provide fit-for-purpose and client-specific warehouse storage solutions. Our world-class facilities are run by skilled staff, supported by cutting-edge technological systems, and use safe, purpose-built materials handling equipment.

When it comes to storage, we consider if it is better to rent, purchase, or build for your business and provide what you need ASAP. We assess the usefulness of location, size, and design, considering your supply sources and delivery destinations, so that everything is customised for your business from the get go.

Even your eCommerce firm relies heavily on warehouse services. Ensure that your items are kept carefully with a warehouse and fulfillment partner who handles your products as if they were their own, and that’s where we come in!

With new technology, urbanization, and the ever-expanding world of online shopping, storage has never been a more hotly debated issue. So Give Us a Call for an ALL-IN-ONE Solution in Chicago

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    Types Of Warehousing We Provide in Chicago

    There are three different types of warehouses: 

    • Fulfillment
    • Storage
    • Distribution. 

    Fulfillment Warehouse: 

    A fulfillment warehouse is a facility that provides third-party logistical services. Companies who sell products online transport their goods to the facility. Our Warehouse services include storage and order fulfillment including inventory management and product customization. Our Logistics warehouses accept items and ship orders seamlessly and easily.

    Storage Warehouse: 

    A storage warehouse is used primarily to store materials and commodities. We provide seasonal equipment storage for businesses and government agencies alike for their use. We provide 24/7 guarantees of security, safety and regular checks for a variety of long form storage. With a plethora of clients, you can rest assured we’re working readily to provide storage in our warehousing in Chicago, IL 

    Distribution Warehouse:

    Goods are delivered in bulk to distribution warehouses. Our Distribution Warehousing Service can function as a transition point in multi-modal transportation. To accept massive supplies from suppliers, supermarket companies employ regional distribution facilities, which our workers are more than capable of faciliating in Chicago for businesses. The distribution facility loads product combinations onto outbound trucks for delivery to specific supermarket locations. A distribution center may serve a single firm or numerous.

    Custom Crating and Logistics is primarily a fulfillment warehouse that offers specialized logistics and warehousing services. Because we supply inventory storage, there is some overlap in our 3PL facility with other types of warehousing.

    Our Warehousing Activities in Chicago

    Our Different types of warehouses offer a variety of services. Receiving, picking and packing, order fulfillment, and shipping are the core warehouse functions in a 3PL warehouse. Your warehouse suppliers should be specialists in these essential procedures to ensure easy transition & upto date storage which we at Custom Crating & Logistics are more than capable of providing.

    Receiving, also known as incoming shipment, involves checking in and unloading your things as they arrive by container or tractor-trailer. It is a critical yet frequently disregarded warehouse service. Fast, accurate receiving might be the difference between having items in stock and ready to offer on your website or having them unavailable, lost, or on backorder. Once your items have been recorded into inventory and placed on shelves, they are ready for the warehouse personnel to select and pack.

    Whether your items are arriving from abroad or across the country, the Custom Crating and Logistics inbound shipment crew are ready to receive and log them as soon and precisely as possible. You and we both want your items in stock and available for selection and packing. Thus, we have accuracy assurances in place, such as our 2-day dock-to-stock promise, and we award our team members for prompt, error-free receiving.

    When a consumer puts an order on your eCommerce website, the information is sent immediately to your third-party warehouse. A loader will locate the products for the order, each at a specific location on the shelf. A packer will choose the best-sized box for your items and fill it with filler so they can ship securely.

    Precise selection and packing is the secret of a successful e-commerce business. Custom Crating and Logistics gives the best fulfillment services in the market. We precisely choose and pack orders the same day they are received. Custom Crating and Logistics provides a suite of packaging services that allow companies to concentrate on their core goods and operations to build their business. Fortunately, our knowledgeable warehouse team has a near-perfect track record of accuracy.

    A company that operates a warehouse might provide order fulfillment services to its customers. Order processing, packaging and labeling, and shipment are all included. Businesses utilize order fulfillment to cut operational expenses by maintaining their infrastructure, focusing on core tasks, and reaching customers through many channels.

    Shipping is the last stage of order fulfillment. After your purchase has been packed and tagged, it is delivered to the shipping station. Carriers may visit the warehouse at particular times to pick up outgoing items. Carrier is liable for getting the package safely to the customer after it leaves the warehouse. 

    The services provided by Custom Crating and Logistics go beyond the warehouse dock. We will move heaven and earth to ensure that your requests are fulfilled. When carrier capacity limits hindered shipment to other warehouses, we devised imaginative strategies to ensure no delivery delays for our clients. 

    Specialized Warehouse Services

    Warehouse services might be as simple as commodities storage (warehousing). Companies such as Custom Crating and Logistics may also provide logistics, kitting, and inventory management. A warehouse service could include picking, packaging, shipping, and storage.

    Our warehouse facilities are intended to accommodate the demands of any product, including food grade and general market goods. We are conveniently positioned in the vast Chicago region to serve you. With over thousands of square feet of dry warehouse storage, including many square feet of climate-controlled refrigerated storage, no shipment is too huge for us! We provide various storage options, including racked and floor storage and cross-dock distribution. We specialize in shrink wrapping, repacking, selecting, packing, and kitting.

    Computer Inventory Tracking System

    We respect every product that has been entrusted to us. That is why we have a fully integrated computer inventory tracking system that knows the whereabouts of every product and pallet that enters our warehouse or is on its way out. We process and trace every item at every stage of the logistics process. We offer skilled packing, kitting, and selecting with our complete service logistics. 

    Temperature Controlled Space

    Temperature-controlled space, dry space, outdoor storage, and cleanroom services are available in our warehouses. We ensure the safety and hygiene of your product. 

    We recognize that various goods require different conditions. Thus, we construct our facilities to give varying temperatures and humidity according to your requirements.

    We design our racks to be convertible, and many of our systems may be converted to meet your requirements.

    Trucking, Delivery & Docking From Warehouse

    A warehouse company might also provide transportation services to its customers. These services might include ocean, rail, road, or air transportation, depending on the demands of clients. Some organizations that provide this service enable their customers to trace the transit of items from one place to another in real-time. This service can be the difference between a small business’s or startup’s success or failure.

    We provide rail-served safe dock services to ensure that shipping food-grade commodities and general commerce occur reliably and conveniently for you. We make it simple to deliver items into our care from train carriages to our ports because many of our clients rely on interstate train transit for dependable, cost-effective transportation. Our transport is among the most trustworthy in the country since we provide local delivery and delivery throughout the United States, with contract route delivery also available. We provide truckload transport and on-time deliveries whether you need deliveries made inside Chicago or hundreds of miles away. 


    Kitting and dekitting things allow you to optimize your sales while decreasing your inventory. You may sell the products in both kitted and individual forms. Your 3PL warehouse can put together the right mix you need to satisfy your orders using just-in-time kitting services. The expert employees at Custom Crating and Logistics can kit and un-kit your items to fit your specifications.

    Inventory Management:

    Inventory management is the art of keeping just enough merchandise on hand while not having too much. A competent warehouse services provider can assist you in managing your inventory. Custom Crating and Logistics works with our clients to improve their inventory management based on data such as sales, seasonality, reorder timing, and other aspects.

    Cross-Dock Services:

    Cross-docking is a means of swiftly turning orders around. This method is beneficial for items that are on backorder. Your warehouse does not squander a day or more in putting products on shelves that will be removed immediately. Custom Crating and Logistics can frequently turn around cargo in a day using cross-docking.

    Our Warehousing services assist you in lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and shortening distribution time. Among our offerings are:

    • Storage
    • consolidation
    • repacking
    • documentation
    • labeling
    • invoicing
    • completed and spare inventory management
    • distribution and service support
    • cross-talking 

    These are all services that are available if needed. Custom Crating and Logistica also handles all types of logistics.

    Reliable data collecting and reporting systems ensure accurate information and visibility on stocks and order processing through cutting-edge Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

    How to Choose a Warehouse

    When you select a third-party logistics warehouse for your eCommerce firm, it will majorly affect your business. Customers that receive prompt, correct fulfillment and shipment are more likely to return. Mis-picks and delivery problems, on the other hand, can cost you customer service time and unfavorable ratings.

    When you build a list of the features you want in your fulfillment warehouse, the location may not be at the top of the list. But it should. The location of your warehouse has a significant impact on your transportation costs and delivery times. And these make a massive impact on consumer contentment.

    Your logistics warehouse or warehouses should ideally be located in strategic, concentrated locations. It enables you to provide speedy and low-cost delivery to your consumers. Do not utilize a warehouse near your home base unless your firm is in a central location. Also, avoid shipping from a port city. Shipping costs rise with each shipping zone that the order must travel through. When shipping from one end of the country to the other, shipping expenses are at their greatest. Cross-country shipping is also time-consuming. Both of these circumstances might result in lost sales.

    One or more warehouses near your clients should be part of your fulfillment plan. That is why Custom Crating and Logistics has chosen strategically located fulfillment centers.

    Every year, eCommerce accelerates. Customers expect their items to be delivered as soon as possible. There are two approaches to this. The first is to store your items in warehouses near your consumers. The second is same-day delivery.

    Same-day fulfillment ensures that your items are packed and sent on the same day that the buyer clicks the Buy button. Custom Crating and Logistics provides same-day fulfillment. We promise that your items will be delivered the same day, just like all other services.

    Nothing is more upsetting to a client than opening a box and discovering the wrong product inside. Even if you move heaven and earth to correct the error, you won’t be able to remove the first impression. Accurate fulfillment is critical to your company’s success. Fulfillment failures cost you money, including customer service personnel time, return shipment and reshipping, restocking expenses, and canceled orders.

    As a result, Custom Crating and Logistics assure each client’s correctness. We guarantee that each order will be packed and shipped appropriately. We strive for as near to flawless accuracy as feasible. Custom Crating and Logistics offers one of the highest accuracy rates in the logistics sector, with 99 percent correct fulfillment. 

    Why Partner With Custom Crating & Logistics

    Our distribution centers and warehouses are located near key transportation hubs and ports. We have developed several services with you, our client, in mind, constantly providing scalable solutions to meet changing demands. IT staff assist you in monitoring your goods. Freight brokerage ensures that you get the best freight pricing for incoming and outgoing cargoes.

    In densely populated locations, distribution warehouses provide flexibility by supplying distributors with high-quality food meant for high-turn foodservice establishments.

    Warehousing has an impact on any firm that sells goods. Choosing the proper warehouse solution may help you save money, satisfy customer demand, and increase efficiency. Working with a third-party logistics provider is typical for e-commerce enterprises that do not wish to operate their warehouse.

    The best fulfillment business for you is Custom Crating and Logistics. Give us a call if you need assistance locating the best fulfillment business for 3PL and warehousing services.

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