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International shipping allows countries to access the raw commodities they need to grow their economies. It assists them in the production and export of low-cost goods and products. 

Our Shipping Company in Chicago offers over decades of worldwide transportation experience. You may rely on our competence for shipping from Chicago to Europe, Asia, or just about any place. We use correct paperwork, packing, and crating standards to ensure overseas goods arrive safe, undamaged, and on schedule.

International shipping with Custom Crating and Logistics makes a difference because of its knowledge and first-rate customer service. Our experience guarantees that your relocation is a success regardless of where you are shipping in the world. Custom Crating and Logistics will help you every step of the process and provide a stress-free international shipping experience. 

Custom Crating and Logistics places utmost importance on protecting your goods, so we have pioneered industry-leading packaging process and materials. Our boxes safeguard your valuables, and they also protect the environment.

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    “Bug Stamp” Crates for international Shipping

    Custom Crating and Logistics also makes international freight shipment easier by offering ISPM 15 heat-treated wood containers. Many foreign nations mandate that all wooden crates shipping from the United States be heat treated to lessen the danger of insect infestation. These boxes require an official stamp known as the “bug stamp” or ISPM 15 mark, certifying that the container fulfills international shipping regulations.

    Each of our facilities is well-versed in ISPM 15 wood crating, is subject to monthly inspections, and is obliged to document all incoming and exiting wood kinds from their warehouse. Just because heat-treated wood is used to construct a wood crate does not imply that it is approved for international shipping. That’s where we can help.

    Custom Crating and Logistics offers specialized advice on export crate construction and shipment.

    Expert In International Export

    Custom Crating and Logistics is a renowned expert in international export packaging and crating from the United States. Each Custom Crating and Logistics facility has its insect stamp number used on all foreign wood boxes shipped from their warehouse. When the package arrives at a foreign port, officials may track it back to its origin in the United States to ensure the crate wood is compliant.

    Our shipments are transported without incident since we are certified and have decades of expertise in customs clearance. If containers do not pass the inspection, foreign authorities have the authority to fumigate or destroy your shipment without prior notice. We recognize that exported wood crates require special care. We provide dock-to-port and dock-to-door solutions to make even the most complex international shipping operation a breeze.

    Our International Shipping Services

    Custom Crating and Logistics provides a comprehensive range of international shipping and logistics services to fulfill your worldwide supply chain demands.

    Our skilled worldwide shipping personnel are well-versed in navigating the challenges of international shipment. We can deliver items on schedule worldwide through our strategic network of commercial airplanes, charter services, ocean shipping businesses, and ground transportation providers.

    Air Freight

    Our air freight services allow you to send door-to-door with confidence by offering several solutions. We handle all types of freight, including Next-Flight-Out, Critical Care, and Economy Service. Custom Crating and Logistics is an air freight forwarder, expert in meeting time-sensitive shipment requirements. We can transport goods all over the world. 

    Meeting Deadlines:

    Custom Crating and Logistics is devoted to meeting any business deadline when your air freight consignment is ready to travel. There is no time to waste when shipping air cargo quickly. We provide same-day pick-up for orders placed on the day of service. It signifies that your air freight is on its way instead of lingering in the system.

    International Business service: 

    Custom Crating and Logistics handles many of their import business from Asia. The whole container of imported air freight, huge manufactured items, usually arrives at Airports. We can provide air freight shipping services for international imports and exports to Asia and other global markets.

    In addition, we deal with specific industries such as technology, consumer products, life science/medical, and engineering. Custom Crating and Logistics is ideally positioned to serve niche markets.

    When it comes to providing accelerated services, our experience as an air freight forwarder comes in handy. Contact us for a price to manage your air freight. One of our knowledgeable supply chain advisors will be able to analyze your shipping requirements and provide you with a fair price.

    The following are some of the benefits of air service:

    • Routing and transit options are priced according to service.
    • Door-to-door service with international customs clearance
    • Next-Flight-Out, Critical Care, and economy/deferred service levels are also available.
    air freight

    Air Charters:

    We work with the world’s top air carriers to provide tailored solutions for your large volume or project shipments. We put forward a comprehensive variety of aviation services, including:

    • Full and partial charter services are available.
    • Specialized, critical, or sensitive cargo requires 24 hours flight monitoring and customer assistance.
    • Domestic and international routes for very heavy freight
    • Delivery and pick-up
    • Partners with good financials for high-exposure bids

    International Ground Shipping:

    Custom Crating and Logistics provides varied international ground shipment services tailored to meet all of your shipping requirements.

    We provide the following services: 

    • Pick-up and drop-off of products to and from the airport. 
    • Transportation to and from container freight stations
    • Transporting goods to and from ocean ports and rail yards
    • Sprinter van accelerated truck, team, and monitored services are all available.
    • Customs-bonded freight transfers, border-to-border ground transportation, or intermodal transportation

    Import and Export Services:

    Custom Crating and Logistics’ international account professionals work with various clients, from small businesses to multinational corporations. We provide a single point of contact for import/export services to provide the best solutions for managing your supply chain needs, allowing you to focus on what is best for your business.

    Our import/export team consists of experts in import and export, air, and ocean services. Our mission is straightforward: to exceed your expectations!

    International ocean services

    Over 90% of global trade is handled by sea and even more in some countries. Ocean freight is shipping containerized cargo loaded onto ships by sea.

    Generally, shipments weighing more than 100kg or multiple boxes will be shipped by sea freight. The containers are intended for intermodal freight transportation. It implies that the containers may be utilized across several modes of transport from the ship to rail to the truck without unloading and reloading the goods. Custom Crating and Logistics facilitates the expansion of small and medium-sized businesses. We not only link your business worldwide, but we also streamline your end-to-end logistics.

    Custom Crating and Logistics provides a variety of ocean importing and exporting alternatives to fit your transportation requirements.

    Our team of seasoned shipping specialists will assist you. We’ll get your package moving and keep you updated on its progress using our online shipping tools. Custom Crating and Logistics can help you with LCL (less than container load) and FCL (full container load) shipping to guarantee your consignment is securely kept and transported safely to its final destination.

    Custom Crating and Logistics provide reasonable pricing and secure space. All documentation and value-added extras are handled by the network of our offices, ensuring that your shipment arrives on time. We can schedule your cargo, arrange for collection and delivery, and manage all import/export documents from almost any location worldwide. Our professionals will manage your ocean shipment from start to finish based on your cargo’s readiness date, shipment size, and equipment requirements.

    FCL shipping is the most efficient and cost-effective technique of container transportation. FCL comprises only one shipper and one consignee. It means you do not share container space with other shippers. Many shippers opt to ship FCL rather than filling the container to simplify the operation and avoid risk.

    We propose less-than-container load shipping when shippers do not have enough cargo to fill a whole 20-foot or 40-foot container. Consolidated shipments of loose goods that are often packed, palletized, or Crated are called LCL. LCL is less expensive because the cost of a full container is divided among numerous shippers; nonetheless, the rate per equivalent weight of an LCL cargo will be significantly greater than that of a full container load (FCL). Although you will be sharing a container with other shippers, LCL allows you to maintain sight and control over your goods.

    A refrigerated storage container is a unique container with a refrigerated engine. It enables the transport of temperature-sensitive items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, chocolate, wine, medications, and chemicals. We use these containers for the secure transportation of your heat-sensitive products across the borders. 

    Breakbulk shipping refers to goods that must be put onto a vessel separately than in a shipping container. Due to its massive size and weight, breakbulk cargo will not fit into a container. We will handle your broken bulk shipment, which may include heavy machinery, large equipment, infrastructure building materials, granite blocks, rolling stock, oil well supplies, and other forms of project cargo. Our expert operations staff will transport your shipment from door to door, regardless of any unique requirements you may have.

    Custom Brokerage services

    International shipping has always been easy with Custom Crating and Logistics’ Customs Brokerage services. Our crew is well-versed in import and export customs brokerage and international transportation. To guarantee the seamless transit of freight across border crossings, we maintain good relationships with Customs and Border Protection and other government agencies engaged in the process.

    Simplify your international shipping with Custom Crating and Logistics:

    We are international shipping specialists with many U.S. locations ready to assist you with an overseas move. We specialize in exporting domestic products and industrial assets to Europe, Asia, and other international markets.

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