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For packaging, crating, and shipping all sorts of medical equipment, we believe we are the best Shipping Company to help deliver any sort of medical equipment requirede. We have the knowledge and skills to handle medical instruments that are bulky, large, and fragile, as well as equipment with sensitive lasers, lenses, and gauges that require specific handling. These things can’t just be thrown into any container and expected to survive the journey, which is why Custom Crating and Logistics is committed to the precise techniques and continuing education required for medical equipment shipping and packing.

We recognize the value and significance of your equipment arriving safely. Our expert team will carefully design and implement a packing and shipping plan tailored to your products, needs, and goals.

Medical equipment distribution is challenging since it typically involves huge and expensive items. Our crew meticulously packages these items with the proper support, both inside and outside their handcrafted wooden crates. Our medical equipment Crating team is skilled in creating the perfect container for your needs.

Medical Equipment Crating and Cost

Our team will first assess your medical equipment to identify the optimal packing, crating, and shipping method depending on its size, fragility, and value. Based on that assessment, we’ll recommend the optimal packaging, container, and shipping options to assure safe arrival. Medical equipment is securely mounted on the skids, padded, and Crated for safe and sturdy shipment, with the costs for Medical Crating starting from $299.99 depending on the size of the equipment and care needed. 

We go above and above when it comes to customer service since we understand that many of our clients have people dependent on them for the flawless execution of their specific medical cargo. We’ll monitor your entire shipping process from beginning to end, keeping you informed and promoting open communication.

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    What Medical Equipment Do We Ship?

    Custom Crating and Logistics stand out from the competition with our tailored approach to your requirements. It’s why we’re the best at transporting medical equipment and specialized packing. We’ve successfully packed and sent a variety of medical devices and equipment, including:

    • MRI devices and CT scanners
    • Instruments for diagnosis
    • X-ray machines in the lab
    • Lasers
    • Surgical instruments
    • Furniture for the hospital

    Medical Shipping and Packaging Services

    Because of the sensitivity of your medical package, we employ particular materials. These materials are chosen to avoid abrasion, vibration, stress, and moisture, ensuring the safety of your medical equipment during shipment. It includes the following: 

    Custom Crating and Logistics  distinguishes itself from the competition by providing customized crate cushion packaging for every cargo. The amount and density of cushioning materials like polyethylene or polyurethane foams are chosen by the features of the object to be delivered, as well as aspects like density, shock value, drop, vibration, and recovery. During routine shipping, insufficient or inappropriate cushioning might harm or ruin the goods.

    Each shipment is distinct. As a result, we provide a diverse choice of packaging materials, such as:

    • Hard Shell casings 
    • Cushioning with a purpose
    • Vapor barrier with anti-static properties
    • Shrink Wrapping using heat

    Moisture vapor-proof packing is required for electronics and commodities with sensitive or exposed metal surfaces carried by ocean containers. Saltwater and saltwater vapor can cause corrosion in sensitive electrical components and metal surfaces, compromising the product’s operation.

    Before heat-sealing, the seams, Custom Crating and Logistics  wrap products like these in a vapor barrier bag with an active desiccant inside. Before the final closure, a vacuum is utilized to limit the air volume inside the bag, reducing the humidity levels inside the barrier bag.

    Some objects are too large or heavy for corrugated cardboard packaging, therefore thus must be shipped in more durable containers. Various commodities, we recognize, necessitate the use of wooden crates, boxes, or containers for enhanced protection during handling and transportation. There are different designs and varieties of Crates and containers. The type of container we choose depends on the weight, size, value, and features of the object sent.

    The weight and size of the load can affect the structural components of a wooden shipping crate. On occasion, internal wood constructions such as load-bearing components, saddles, and supports are required.

    Custom corrugated containers and boxes are available from Custom Crating and Logistics  to fulfill any shipping demand. Corrugated is a lightweight, robust, and adaptable material that is used to make specialized shipping containers. When creating bespoke corrugated cardboard boxes, we employ a minimum 350 lb. double-wall corrugated fiberboard made consisting of three sheets of linerboard and two mediums or flutes in between.

    Corrugated packaging is a more cost-effective alternative to wood crating for goods that require less protection during shipping and handling. Each container is custom-built to match the requirements of the shipment. Weight, size, value, mode of transit, and final destination are just a few of the considerations that go into finding the perfect container for our customers.

    Our shipping services include the following:

    • Shipping both domestically and internationally
    • Delivery and pick-up

    Shipping both Domestically and Internationally

    Because of a statewide franchise network and trusted ties, Custom Crating and Logistics  can successfully perform even the most challenging shipping tasks.

    Our staff collaborates with you to establish the best method for transporting your cargo. We help you pick the technique that best fits your timetable and budget, whether you’re moving across town or the globe, by land, sea, or air.

    • Domestic shipping in the United States
    • Shipping to other countries
    • Freight shipment via air
    • Fragile transport
    • Forwarding of goods
    • Freight shipping via sea
    • Delivery and Pickup
    • Service with white gloves

    Delivery and Pickup

    We provide a variety of innovativeu pickup and delivery options to match any budget. You may also drop off products at one of our warehouses around the country. We offer full-service, white-glove, indoor pickup, and delivery for high-value products. Custom Crating and Logistics  can also handle time-sensitive items. Services such as same-day, next-day, and guaranteed delivery are all available.

    Custom Crating and Logistics  will help you transport from the United States to an overseas destination. We may deliver to an international dock, port, or front door from a company or house. All parts of the shipping procedure are handled by our staff, including insurance, collection, packaging, Crating, shipment, and local and international delivery.

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    Custom Crating and Logistics  may pick up and transport computer equipment purchased from a data center, furniture purchased from a warehouse, or artwork acquired from a gallery.

    Complete pickup and delivery solutions for any budget are available with our pickup and delivery services:

    • Business-to-business
    • Residence-to-residence
    • Door-to-door
    • Door-to-port
    • Port-to-port
    • Standard Expedited Delivery with a Guaranteed Delivery Date
    • Pickup and delivery with white gloves
    • Delivery at the truck’s tailgate/liftgate
    • Unpacking, unpacking, and setting up at home
    • From pickup to delivery, insurance coverage is offered.

    Custom Crating and Logistics  has decades of experience in packaging and shipping. We are industry leaders because we take on complex shipping projects without reluctance and treat them with care and consideration to ensure their safety.

    Medical equipment packaging and shipping is a significant task, and we take pleasure in our ability to help these projects succeed. We will commit ourselves to getting the work done properly and meticulously, whether you want to send one medical gadget or your complete medical office.

    We can improve the efficiency and security of your medical cargo by providing various shipping options.

    Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind throughout a complex procedure, which we do via creativity, trust, knowledge, and dedication. We look forward to working with you on your medical shipping project and will assist you in any way we can.

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