What is Commercial Crating?

Commercial crating as a concept has existed for hundreds of years. Ever since man built modes of transportation, this form of shipping has existed. Essentially commercial crating allows businesses to transport their goods from one location to the next. And in the 21st century, the options with which to transport your goods are endless. You can choose land freight, sea freight, or even air freight. It depends on the nature of your goods to decide which mode of transportation to use. 

With commercial crating, there are a lot of aspects you need to consider; cost, safety, delivery timelines, and more. A commercial shipment can make or break your business hence this is not a duty we take very lightly at Custom Crating and Logistics. 

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    Commercial Crating Chicago

    Chicago is lucky to boast all three mediums of freight services; land freight, air freight, and sea freight. Because of the various options and strong transport networks, Chicago happens to be a city that is brimming with logistical companies. There are countless options which you can choose from and can be guaranteed satisfactory services. When companies have a lot of other competitors, they strive to provide you with the best experience since that is how they distinguish themselves from their competition. 

    At Custom Crating and Logistics, we guarantee you the best services available in the market. We have a team of dedicated professionals who have years of experience under their belt when it comes to commercial crating and shipping. This is why we are safely able to guarantee you the best service in town. Our prices are incredibly competitive and we make sure we give all our customers a detailed idea about what we plan on doing and how it will be executed so they can feel at ease. 

    Let’s dive into the specifics of our services at Custom Crating and Logistics more!

    Custom Crating and Logistics Commercial Crating Services

    Experienced Professionals 

    We have hired experienced professionals who have several years of freight-related experience under their belt. We know how important it is to make our customers feel at ease, and there is nothing that feels more reassuring than talking to someone who knows what they are doing. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in knowing what they need to do when it comes to commercial crating. There are several things that need to be accounted for when dealing with commercial crating. The number of items, the nature of the items, and much more. Only an experienced professional is able to judge appropriately what the needs of your shipment are and what needs to be done in order for your shipment to reach its destination safely. 

    Price Estimates 

    At Custom Crating and Logistics, we give you a price quote for your commercial shipment. The price for commercial shipments depend on the weight, number of crates, distance to the destination, insurance cost, and several other factors which need to be taken into account. We are happy to provide you with a price estimate for free without any strings attached. If you have a commercial shipment or a commercial crating need, then please do not hesitate in reaching out to use for a price quote. We guarantee we will give you the most market competitive price. And once you get a quote from us, there is no compulsion for you to engage with us and get our services. We are happy at even the opportunity of merely guiding you!

    Cargo Insurance 

    Cargo insurance is indeed very important. When you are sending a commercial shipment, there are chances that the shipment is big and possibly quite expensive. While mishaps are rare, they do happen. Cargo insurance by us is provided to you to put your mind at ease and insure you that if any tragedy or issue befalls your commercial shipment, you will be financially safe. We insure you against the value of your shipment to help you feel at ease about sending your items with us. Our insurance covers a wide variety of issues such as damage to the shipment, loss of items in your shipment, issues arising from delivering to the wrong address and much more. We want to make sure our customers are always protected financially! 

    Custom Crating and Services 

    When you are sending a shipment with us, you can be guaranteed customized services which fit your needs. Unlike other logistics companies, we do not merely give you a run of the mill deal and treat you like any other customer, we look at your needs as a business individually and assess what you need from us. We then come up with a plan, and how we will execute it. Our focus is always on your needs. We have custom crating services available too which means we build our crates according to your shipment. Our experienced professionals come to your location and take all the necessary measurements for your shipment and then build custom crates on-site for your needs. This helps us give you the best experience possible as well as ensuring the highest standards of safety for your shipment! 

    White Glove Delivery 

    We offer white glove delivery services for our customers to ensure you of the best there is. Our white glove delivery services help us put out all the stops. With our white glove delivery service, if you choose to book it, we pick up the shipment from your location and then personally deliver it to the destination. We want to make sure everything gets to its destination in the best condition possible. We know very well that some customers want premium services and hence for a premium price we are happy to provide it to them. Our white glove delivery services ensure high rates of successful delivery and the lowest rates of any damage occurring to your shipment. 


    Why Choose Us

    One of the reasons you should choose us at Custom Crating and Logistics for your commercial crating needs is because we are always available at your beck and call. If you want to discuss price quotes, you can easily call us and discuss. If you want to make changes to a service you have already booked with us, we are happy to make changes for you. We make sure we are always available to you for your needs. 

    Our prices are very market competitive. We make sure to keep up with our competitors to know what they are offering and give you packages that exceed there’s in every shape and form. We make sure that you get the best value for money with us. As a business, we know how important it is to keep costs trim! And our commercial crating clients are usually trying to keep costs as low as possible hence we want to make sure we add as little to your expenditures as possible and help your business flourish as a result too! 

    At Custom Crating and Logistics, we have a myriad of experienced professionals on board with us. We want to make sure we give you an elevated experience where you receive the best advice possible for you and your business. Hence our professionals guide you about the best commercial crating practices and what would be ideal for you and your case. 

    We make sure that you know what is going on from the beginning to end. This means we keep you updated with every step of our services. We make sure that you know where your shipment is and how it is doing. We update our portal with information about what stage your shipment is in and alert you when it has been delivered to its final destination. We know how much you want to make sure your shipment is safe and has reached perfectly and hence make sure we keep you updated with that! 

    At Custom Crating and Logistics, we make sure our customers are happy with us. We have an extensive portfolio of services we offer and are happy to walk you through all of them. Please do not hesitate in calling us on +1 (847) 258-5530 or emailing us on sales@customcratingandlogistics.com 

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