Office Furniture Installation Chicago

Office Furniture Installation Chicago:

How much effort does it take to get your workplace functional? You won’t have to ponder it if you use Custom Crating and Logistics.

Our carpenters and installers are skilled craftspeople who will ensure that your office furnishings and working environment perform better than ever.

Custom Crating and Logistics specialize in office furniture shipping and assembly from any manufacturer. We have the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to make your new place seem fantastic. We will manage every aspect of your commercial furniture installation. We have the competence and flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

Our knowledgeable and highly competent Chicago office furniture installers are capable of assembling a wide range of items while upholding the highest quality standards that you would expect from union installation firms. Our primary service offerings are as follows:

  • Office Furniture Installation (RDI or Direct-to-Site)
  • Casegoods Installation
  • Reconfiguration
  • Decommissioning & Disposal
  • Value-Added Services (accessories installation)

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    Office Furniture Installation (RDI or Direct-to-Site):

    Custom Crating and Logistics handle projects needing product receipt, delivery, and installation (RDI). We also provide the option of having items delivered to your location, unloaded, and installed. We recognize that each project is unique and necessitates distinct logistical and labor needs to accomplish the scope of work. Custom Crating and Logistics can oversee your project from product receipt to customer sign-off, whether a simple single office or a multiphased 300+ workstation installation. We customize the most cost-effective solution to provide different alternatives while staying within schedule and price limits. Contact us today to learn more about Custom Crating and Logistics’ RDI or Direct-to-Site installation services.

    Casegood Installation:

    Custom Crating and Logistics can install a wide range of Casegoods products for various application needs. Our skilled installers can install floor and wall-mounted cabinets, storage, media products, and work surfaces in commercial, hospitality, senior living, and educational settings. We are experts in the square, round, and cut-to-length needs for a wide range of surface types and shapes often utilized in Casegoods installations.

    Office Furniture Reconfiguration:

    Reorganizing an existing office space might be difficult. If not done appropriately, more costs and downtime will be spent. Our professional installers use a systematic approach to product deconstruction and reassembly to ensure the task is finished on time and within budget. Custom Crating and Logistics can reorganize your workspace to increase efficiency and production. Depending on your needs, we may use current goods, add a new product, or reduce items to personalize the space to fit your workforce requirements. We frequently collaborate with furniture wholesalers and end customers that require reconfiguration services. Please get in touch with us right away to learn more about this and other services we provide.

    Decommission & Disposal:

    Our methodical decommissioning and disposal approach clears space fast while minimizing environmental damage. Custom Crating and Logistics has formed alliances with used furniture sellers, remanufacturers, and recyclers to provide consumers with a market value for discarded office products while keeping them out of landfills. Custom Crating and Logistics, as a single-source solution provider, will resource and organize all decommissioning steps, including, but not limited to, electrical disconnect, trash removal, furniture disposal/recycling, and space cleaning. Custom Crating and Logistics offers free decommissioning estimates across the Chicagoland and Midwest. Contact Custom Crating and Logistics now to learn more about our decommissioning and disposal services.

    Value-Added Services (Ancillary Installation):

    Custom Crating and Logistics provides services for receiving, delivering, and installing supplementary goods in commercial and hospitality settings. Custom Crating and Logistics provides a single-source installation solution for dealers and end-users that require auxiliary materials to complete the job through this service offering. The following are some of the value-added installation services that we frequently provide:

    • Panels for Acoustic Ceilings
    • Curtains, drapes, and blinds are examples of window treatments.
    • Surface cutting, basic carpentry, and artwork installation are examples of light millwork.
    • On-Site and Off-Site Furniture Repair


    Custom Crating and Logistics provides a wide range of specialized office furniture installation services in Chicago that are designed to provide the most cost-effective solution for your business furniture needs. 

    Our experienced professionals ensure that every part of your office furniture installation is done correctly and thoroughly — guaranteed. We will handle all of your belongings with the highest care and respect.

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