Selling on eBay is a terrific way to make additional income, but novices may be intimidated by the shipping regulations. But eBay shipping is easier than you would imagine.

It’s time to pack and ship an item to the customer once it sells. Before you do, think about things like which courier service is the best in terms of speed and cost.

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Do you have any questions about how to ship on eBay? We know all the techniques to keep our clients happy through eBay shipping.

There are three methods for shipping eBay products, which are as follows:

  • Shipping through self-service
  • Dropshipping on eBay
  • Third-party logistics providers

You may also utilize eBay shipping methods or a courier provider of your choosing with eBay shipping. Let’s discuss how to ship on eBay with ease.

Shipping through self-service:

You may join the millions of eBay sellers who send packages from their homes every day.

To discover the cheapest choice, you’ll need to check costs from several couriers.

Before posting an item, it’s crucial to know the final package size and weight. You’ll be able to provide a more precise shipping quotation to potential vendors this way.

Here are some things to think about while using eBay’s self-service shipping:

  • Place your products in a box that is the right size for them.
  • To send items of varied sizes, keep a selection of packages available.
  • To convert more consumers, provide more delivery options.

Use our free shipping rate calculator to compare courier prices for eBay shipments.

Drop Shipping: 

Dropshipping on eBay reduces the requirement for goods to be kept on hand. Instead, you can buy things one at a time. When you get an order, you may assist in saving money. Dropshipping is available to anybody with an eBay seller account.

When an item sells, the drop shipper fills the order and sends it to the client through a drop shipping firm. Drop shipment is permissible as long as the vendor promises delivery within 30 days after purchase.

Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs): 

eBay works with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to assist high-volume shippers to save money on warehousing and transportation. Using 3PLs for eBay shipping has several advantages:

Superior packing:

Fulfillment partners frequently provide better packaging than shipping firms or single shippers.

Faster shipping:

Due to effective fulfillment operations and last-mile delivery, 3PLs can reduce delivery lead times.

Less company overhead:

Outsourcing fulfillment to a third-party logistics provider saves high-volume merchants money on fulfillment labor costs.

For eBay merchants that offer similar things in huge quantities, 3PLs can be a viable alternative. For one-of-a-kind products like costly jewelry or collectibles, shipping with 3PLs is not the best option.

Picking the Cheapest Carrier: 

You will want to choose a cost-effective shipping provider that suits your merchandise if you drop ship or ship yourself.

When determining the shipping cost on eBay, size, weight, dimensions, and delivery periods all play a role. Before you put something up for sale, you need to know this information.

What is the weight of it? Is there any particular packing required? As an eBay seller, you should ask yourself these questions.

Your delivery prices are determined by the following criteria, regardless of whatever courier or shipping service you choose:

  • Package size and weight
  • Distance traveled by ship
  • Dimensions of the package
  • Quickness of delivery
  • courier service

Custom Crating and Logistics always saves you up to 70% off retail on each shipping.

Why choose Custom Crating and Logistics for eBay International Shipping:

In many circumstances, today’s online buyers anticipate free shipping. In reality, free shipping is offered on 71% of eBay sales.

To enhance conversions, consider giving free delivery in your eBay business. You’ll need to include the cost of delivery into the prices of items to do this. Many online marketplaces, such as eBay, allow customers to exclude vendors that charge for delivery. Offering free delivery encourages more people to look at your product, which leads to more sales. Customers, of course, enjoy getting something for nothing.

Offer Insurance on High-Price Items: 

Shippers are covered by shipping insurance if their shipments are lost, stolen, or damaged. These typical delivery difficulties are estimated to affect 5-15 percent of all shipments. Who wants a faulty item after waiting so long for it? As an eBay seller, shipping insurance may provide you with the peace of mind you require.

Shipping insurance is available through your courier or Custom Crating and Logistics. Custom Crating and Logistics, unlike carriers, employs third-party shipping insurance, which pays out more claims.

A fulfillment center: 

To reduce delivery times and improve customer satisfaction, consider employing a fulfillment center.

Custom Crating and Logistics connects eBay businesses to our worldwide network of third-party logistics providers. You can cut delivery costs and speed up deliveries with fulfillment help from across the world for better customer experiences and repeat purchases.

Offer Custom Branding: 

The importance of presentation cannot be overstated. Adding a personal touch to your packaging is a simple approach to providing your clients with a memorable experience. Adding a personal touch is as simple as using beautiful tissue or wrapping candles in the ribbon. You may even buy branded boxes to make the unwrapping process more exciting.

You may personalize your post-purchase consumer outreach using Custom Crating and Logistics. Customize your tracking notifications, landing pages, and packing slips with your brand and marketing materials. As a result, you’ll be able to give a delivery experience that wows customers and encourages them to return.

Connect Your eBay Account to Custom Crating and Logistics:

In minutes, you may begin shipping. Connect your eBay account for free right now. You will get first dibs on our exclusive pre-negotiated pricing. Users may save up to 70% on shipping expenses, especially when sending internationally. What is not to appreciate about that?

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