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Plant relocations are among the most challenging undertakings that a machining firm can undertake. To guarantee the success of a client’s plant relocation project, they must limit disturbance and downtime to an absolute minimum while still fulfilling cost and timeline requirements. These complicated plant relocations need professional expertise and experience, which frequently necessitates the involvement of an outside specialist organization.

Custom Crating and Logistics offer complete corporate and industrial plant relocation solutions. When assets require packaging and crating for shipment, our experience can help ensure a smooth transition.

Plant relocation refers to moving a complete industrial facility, including machinery and equipment, from one location to another. This type of move requires specialized experience and resources to ensure the safety and preservation of the equipment and the successful continuation of operations at the new location. The following are some elements involved in a plant relocation project.

We handle large, heavy equipment and manage the crating, packing, and shipping needs for all sectors of the commercial and industrial markets. Unlike other pack and ship firms, which have weight and dimension restrictions, we provide crating options for almost anything you need. We can handle items that are too large, too heavy, or too precious for others.

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    Every Logistics Challenge Has a Solution:

    Custom Crating and Logistics have a countrywide network of offices and facilities to provide full-service heavy equipment transportation and logistics. We are a dependable source for packaging, crating, and shipping equipment and machinery.

    Years of industrial and plant relocation experience:

    Custom Crating and Logistics have extensive expertise with plant relocations, equipment, machine relocations, and turnkey plant relocations. We have the experience to perform such industrial projects effectively, from plant disassembly and disconnecting existing factories to shipping, reassembling, and installing them at a new site, sometimes in a different nation halfway around the world.

    Equipment Disassembly and Packaging:

    Careful and appropriate dismantling of equipment is required to guarantee that it can be moved securely to the new location. This stage includes disconnecting and labeling electrical and mechanical systems and removing bulky components that may require specialist equipment or cranes to transport.

    Planning and Preparation:

    A thorough analysis of the plant’s equipment and processes, as well as the new location’s infrastructure and logistics, is essential to ensure a smooth move. This stage includes developing a detailed project plan, budget, and timeline and securing necessary permits and approvals.

    Site Surveys:

    A comprehensive site survey of current and new locations is crucial to identify any potential obstacles or challenges that may arise during the move. This information is used to plan and coordinate the relocation process, ensuring that the new facility is ready to resume operations as soon as possible.

    Loading and Transportation:

    Equipment is then loaded onto transport vehicles, taking into account weight limitations, road restrictions, and other logistics. Depending on the size and complexity of the plant, this may require several trips and may involve the use of multiple modes of transportation, such as flatbed trucks, trailers, and shipping containers.

    Reinstallation and Commissioning:

    At the new location, equipment is reassembled and connected to the basic systems and utilities. This stage requires close coordination with the plant’s technical team and may involve the testing and commissioning of equipment to ensure that it is functioning accurately.

    Logistics Support:

    Logistics support is essential to ensure that equipment is transported and stored safely and that materials and supplies are readily available as needed throughout the entire relocation process. It may include help with customs clearance, storage, and transportation of materials and equipment.

    Single-Source Responsibility:

    Custom Crating & Logistics may create a strategy that facilitates the transportation of merchandise, plant equipment, and heavy machinery from any facility location to the destination of choice.

    We handle all the moving details so you can focus on other things.

    Assistance from start to end:

    We handle even the most complex plant relocations, whether across town or throughout the world, with end-to-end services that include:

    • Inventory help for project management
    • Delivery and pickup
    • Packaging and crating on-site
    • Packaging and crating done off-site
    • Insurance coverage is available.

    Our Plant Relocation Services:

    Our plant relocation services include the following:

    • Budgeting and pre-relocation planning
    • Project administration and scheduling
    • Execution of all work at the source plants:
    • Disconnection and reconnection
    • Removal and rigging
    • Scrap collection and demolition
    • Decommissioning of plants
    • Management and coordination of logistics
    • Preparation of the machinery
    • Steam cleaning, painting, and renovation
    • Making, wrapping, manifesting, and loading
    • Transportation modes include trucks, trains, barges, ships, and planes.
    • Warehousing and freight forwarding
    • Receiving, unloading, and warehousing
    • Unloading, uncrating, and staging Unloading, uncrating, and staging
    • establishing, aligning, and leveling
    • Electrical and mechanical commissioning and run-in installation/connection
    • All work is completed in the destination plant.

    Relocation of Plants:

    A plant relocation may be complex and challenging, and organizations must utilize specialists with the necessary expertise and skills to perform it properly. The risks of late delivery or faulty installation can create severe interruption and substantial financial losses for clients, which is why it is critical to do it right the first time.

    As one of our services, we can assist you with your plant relocation needs. We have specific expertise in projects that need disassembly in one place, followed by transit and installation in another. It is supported by our significant expertise, which includes the fulfillment of hundreds of machine installation and relocation projects each year and numerous delighted clients worldwide.

    Providing extreme safety during plant relocation:

    For all of our plant relocation initiatives, safety is our priority. Our knowledge and standardized methods help to reduce the challenges associated with moving or installing large equipment. We conduct thorough health and safety planning and audits before moving any piece of equipment and at every stage of every project, including risk assessment, method statement, job safety plans, process validation, weekly & monthly reporting, inspection tags & pre-task analysis, internal audits, safety awareness training, and daily safety walks & talks.

    Because every project is unique, we will provide you with a scope of services suited to your needs. Contact us for more information and assistance with your plant relocation needs.

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