What are the Packaging Materials for Fashion Accessories

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In this era of fashion, everyone craves the best fashion accessories. Everyone demands the best quality, heart striking, and attractive accessories. Perfect fashion accessories reflect the personal style, preferences, and taste of all. So its only right that businesses that provide these iconic accessories be able to identify   

Shipping across the world is common in this sector because of the geographical location of the production of many accessories, garments, and fabrics. Many unexpected conditions can be confronted during the exportation of the products. So, proper packaging and crating is required that maintains the quality and grace of the product.

Paperboard boxes: 

Paperboard boxes are the most common packaging type. Their successful application can be attributed to its efficacy, recyclability, low cost, biodegradability, and the good protection of packed products. 

These boxes have a structurally durable design that gives a superior cushion to any product. This keeps products safe through long-distance transport, continuous shipping, and handling. Fragile products, glasses, fashion accessories, electronic items, and other delicate products remain secure with these paperboard boxes. The tear-resistant property of these boxes keeps the packaging intact and protects the products from any exposure. Paperboard boxes protect against moisture and safeguard the product from severe environmental conditions. 

Paperboard boxes are considered the best option for any packaging, storage needs, and shipping because of their coatings, flame-resistant quality, static control quality, adhesives, and weights. To accommodate the wide variety of packaging requirements, the boxes can be folded into different shapes, sizes, and designs according to demand. With the ability to direct print onto the boxes, printing options are also widely customizable.

 Paperboard boxes can be customized to fit the specifications of the product and keep it protected. This makes them reliable packaging options for commercial as well as residential needs. 

They are low in cost and are eco-friendly. They can be stored away and can be later used in offices, stores, and homes.  

Corrugated boxes

These boxes are made of three layers. According to corrugated.org, corrugated boxes are made from trees and old recovered corrugated containers sustainably, with an industry recovery rate of about 90% over the previous eight years and 96 percent in 2018.

To protect heavy or fragile goods from harm, corrugated packaging blends structural strength with cushioning characteristics. These boxes are best for the transport of fashion accessories. Corrugated packing is light and environmentally friendly, reducing transportation costs by using fewer vehicles, using less fuel, and emitting fewer pollutants. Corrugated packaging helps clinch the deal by selling your goods with high-impact visuals that increase brand recognition and product preference. Corrugated packaging is made from sustainable resources, with 96% of it being recovered and recycled to create new boxes and other paper goods. 

Plastic boxes 

Plastic’s commercial success as a packaging material is due to a combination of its flexibility, strength, lightweight, stability, impermeability, and sterilization ease. Plastics, in both flexible and rigid forms, are a suitable packaging material for a wide range of commercial and industrial purposes.

Plastic bags shield sensitive items against harm while in transportation, as well as from contamination. They protect the fabric and other fashion accessories from damage from moisture, humidity, fumes, germs, insects, and light.

Plastic, contrary to common perception, is recyclable in the sense that it requires less energy to create new plastic than glass or other materials. It is also highly cost-effective.

Rigid boxes

I’m sure you’ve always wondered what kind of box Apple or premium retailers like Rolex, Tiffany & Co, and Marc Jacobs used to package their items. Because of its sturdy and quality appearance, you have a feeling it’s a sort of cardboard, but you’re not sure. Rigid boxes are made of this sort of cardboard.

A rigid box is composed of a highly condensed paperboard, which is four times thicker than the paperboard used in conventional folding cartons.

They have a greater volume during shipment because of their non-collapsible nature, which often results in increased shipping expenses. Cosmetics, jewels, electronics, and high-end luxury couture are all popular uses for these boxes. Platforms, windows, lids, hinges, compartments, domes, and embossing are all simple to integrate into a rigid box. 

Clothes neatly wrapped in custom rigid boxes with corporate logos and unique touches offer the finished product an individual touch and protect it from harm while being sent to distant locations. The jewelry accessories are meticulously matched with the bespoke rigid boxes, which are used by the majority of jewelry firms as their standard packaging. Matte, glossy, and vinyl coatings are available for premium boxes.

Chipboard packaging:

Chipboard packaging is utilized in electrical, medicinal, fashion accessories, culinary, cosmetic, and beverage sectors. Chipboard is a form of paperboard manufactured from recycled paper stock. It’s simple to cut, fold, and shape. It’s a low-cost packaging solution for your goods. 

It is available in a variety of densities, and the material’s density determines its strength. If you wish to print graphics directly on the chipboard, you can use bleach sulfate and CCNB (Clay Coated News Back) to make it more durable.


A polybag sometimes called a pouch or a plastic bag is made of thin, flexible plastic film fabric. It is a typical form of packaging that may hold a variety of goods such as food, flowers, fashion accessories, chemicals, periodicals, and so forth.

Polybags are tough but light, reusable, and versatile. Polybags may be customized in appearance, style, and size while yet remaining cost-effective due to their structural simplicity. Polybags, depending on their construction, can also be recycled. To ensure that the items are securely secured and visually appealing to the client, most poly bags have security features such as tape attachments, hanging holes, and carrying handles.

Foil sealed bags: 

Manufacturers typically utilize foil pouches when a product requires multi-layered packaging. They’re utilized to make the packaging’s innermost layers. Because they come into close touch with the packed goods, foil pouches must be of the highest quality and very sanitary. Foil pouches are usually composed of aluminum and are used to protect products from severe temperatures. Foil pouches also keep moisture vapor transfer to a minimum.

Bedding and apparel goods are also packaged in foil-wrapped containers. To maintain the fabric tight and secure and prevent the growth of fungus and other germs, the method requires eliminating the oxygen from the bag. 

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