One of the most prominent trade shows in the commercial interiors business is NeoCon. It has brought together designers, architects, producers, students, and end-users under one roof since 1969. Last year’s event took place at theMART in Chicago from October 4 to 6, 2021. Anyone who has attended a previous NeoCon knows that this is a tiny business, and the event may seem a lot like a class reunion. Throughout your profession, you will almost certainly meet people from many fields. You will also, hopefully, meet a lot of new individuals. If you are attending the neocon event for the first time, here is all information you will need before the visit. 

NeoCon 2022 starts June 13, Monday. We have been attending NeoCon for many years and adore it!

Who can attend neocon event: 

There are no capacity limitations in the City of Chicago or the State of Illinois, and all sectors of the economy are open. Regardless of immunization status, the city and state recently adopted laws requiring everyone over the age of two to wear facial coverings in public indoor settings.

Why attend neocon: 

Every year in June, NeoCon brings together the commercial design community’s designers, architects, end-users, manufacturers, dealers, service providers, associations, educators, students, and journalists.


The Forefront of Design: 

Thousands of new items and services in categories such as Furniture, Fabrics, Flooring, Interior Building Products, Interior Finishes, and Technology will be on display from the industry’s top manufacturers as well as the most recent rising startups. 

Bringing the Design Community Together: 

The commercial design community gathers each year at NeoCon to meet, learn, and conduct business, representing areas such as Workplace, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Public Space, and Government.

Sharing of ideas and knowledge: 

NeoCon’s exposition is accompanied by first-rate educational programming, which includes daily Keynotes and a wide range of authorized seminars and special activities. In addition, NeoCon will present a series of CEU virtual programming throughout the year.

If you are visiting for the first time, we would like to advise how to make the most of your visit.

Ways to Make Your NeoCon a Success

Make a strategy: 

At gatherings like these, it is easy to become overwhelmed. We are all a little rusty at in-person events over the previous year and a half, and theMART is a large room. Spend some time on the NeoCon website’s exhibitor page before you come, making a list of the showrooms you definitely should not miss. Carry out the same procedure for any of the speakers or programming. Then construct a rough strategy so you know where you want to go and when, as well as what you’ll need to succeed.

Attend a keynote presentation

Each morning, NeoCon hosts a keynote address. Attendees could either attend the keynotes in person or watch them on a live broadcast last year. Be advised that onsite attendance is limited. You must register in advance if you wish to attend in person. 

The keynote speakers for the year 2021 were:

  • On Monday, October 4, 11 AM – 12 PM Jeanne Gang, Founding Partner, Studio Gang “Furniture for the City”: Recasting Urban Design through Micro-Activation
  • On Tuesday, October 5, 11 AM – 12 PM Frans Johansson, author, and CEO of The Medici Group The Medici Effect: Innovation at the Intersection
  • On Wednesday, October 6, 11 AM – 12 PM Jackie Koo, Founding Principal at KOO Taming Push me Pull you: KOO’s Integrated Architectural and Interior Design Practice.

Check out the special programs: 

Also, special programming is scheduled for each day presented onsite and available via live stream for those attending virtually.

Last year in 2021, some special programs were: 

  • Monday, October 4, 2 PM – 3 PM Marti Konstant, Workplace Futurist, Konstant Change You have Got to be From the Future to Design a Resilient Workplace: From the Sketchbook of a Workplace Futurist, Design Thinker, and Agility Researcher.
  • Tuesday, October 5, 2 PM – 3 PM Lauren Rottet, Founding Principal and President, Rottet Studio Expanding Your Practice: Designing for the Residential Market. 

The award winners may be found here.

In connection with NeoCon, many different award programs are taking place. The Best of NeoCon is the first. All of the entries may be seen here.

The Annual HiP Awards, presented by Interior Design Magazine, celebrate industry personalities and creative products.

Neocon attendee registration cost 2021: 

Registrants chose which day(s) they would attend NeoCon and paid a $25 registration fee (the registration charge increased to $50 after September 1) which helped better estimate and manage attendance. Registrants who registered by September 1 received their badges in the mail.

Registration for exhibitors: 

To register for an exhibitor badge, you will need a password from your exhibiting firm. Each company’s authorized Exhibitor Registration Contact is in charge of distributing passwords.

The NeoCon Center:

NeoCon attendees will be immediately enrolled for the NeoCon Hub, which will enable an online link to NeoCon with virtual access to exhibitors, floor layouts, CEUs, keynote live streams, and in-platform networking with the NeoCon community.

Importance of neocon

NeoCon is now considered the barometer of the design industry, with specialists from all over the world exhibiting their newest and greatest ideas in furniture, flooring, lighting, textiles, and specialty items. Those who demonstrate unusual opinions win awards and are then published in Contract Magazine. 

Overall, conventions such as NeoCon serve as markers of how the sector views itself and its prospects. Furniture producers, in particular, are playing a critical role in regenerating or reinforcing a sense of optimism in the design community as we all emerge from a difficult economic situation.

The most crucial piece of advice is to remember to have fun. There is a lot to see and do, but do not forget to take it all in and enjoy yourself. Attend seminars and networking events, and make an effort to converse with individuals who are not colleagues. We are looking forward to seeing you in person at neocon this year and demonstrating how simple it is to utilize Custom Crating and Logistics.

Custom Crating and Logistics and Neocon: 

To showcase your furniture and other fragile products at neocon, you may require a professional team to handle and place them with care. Custom Crating and Logistics has been providing its services at neocon for many years. Our efficient white-glove delivery service satisfies the demands of clients. If you want a successful experience at neocon, you must give Custom Crating and Logistics a try. 

Our initial process is based on: 

  • Area
  • Building
  • Freight


We begin by determining the area where your trade show materials will be picked up and delivered. This forethought allows us to detect and address possible issues before they develop. Weather dangers, traffic patterns, and other geographic problems are unique to each region. We’ll use what we’ve learned in the past to help you have the best possible experience.


Following that, we’ll learn more about the exact building where you keep your trade show materials. Before your shipment day arrives, we’ll need to know about the building’s operation hours, loading dock availability (if any), freight elevator capabilities, and other access needs.


Finally, we have a full view of the freight you’re transporting to your performances. We understand that knowing what needs to go on the truck is the best way to assure an error-free shipping experience. We’ll inquire about the size, shape, weight, and contents of each container that has to be transported. That way, we’ll know ahead of time what kind of equipment and labor we’ll need to do the job. 

Why should you sail to NeoCon with Custom Crating and Logistics?

These are the main reasons for this:

  • We have simplified the event shipping process through technology and process. 
  • We are constantly focused on customers’ demands.
  • We efficiently deliver and set up your furniture and other items at the event. 
  • Once the event is over, we repack your items again with great care and handle and move it back to the warehouse without any damage. 

Our exceptional service differs us from other companies, and you should contact Custom Crating and Logistics for the best experience. 

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