The cost of shipping electronic equipment is among the highest. For distributors that employ shipping services to deliver their products, transporting electronics presents hurdles in contrast to shipping common place things like textiles and even delivering a piano

The delicate components in today’s electronics gadgets can be severely damaged by movement, temperature changes, and g-forces. You seldom improve the likelihood that your cargo will be treated with additional care by stamping it “fragile.”

The shipping process might be challenging on fragile electronic components. Custom Crating and Logistics evaluate the product you intend to ship to determine everything from the cushioning needed to reduce vibration to the requirements the container we design must satisfy to safeguard the item during transit.

Custom Solutions By Custom Crating and Logistics For Shipping Your Electronics:

Customized solutions for your industry’s requirements

We at Custom Crating and Logistics are ready to assist you with supply chain management optimization. Our professionals are well familiar with the particular rules for shipping electronics safely.


Cost efficiency is essential for appliance makers to penetrate their markets. Additionally, adaptability is crucial to synchronizing with seasonal purchases. Strong intermodal network alternatives let you reach your clients wherever they are for this reason.

For you, Custom Crating and Logistics goes above and beyond maritime shipment. No matter whatever region of the world you’re attempting to reach, our intermodal solutions are designed to transport your appliances from door to door utilizing a broad range of services, including trains, highways, and barges.

With higher levels of visibility, our service gives your supply chain more dependability. Take advantage of data openness, platform integration, real-time information, and dynamic decision-making support.


Shipping computers, laptops, and printing:

Moving these electrical items requires a potent logistics approach since even a slight delay may become a significant barrier to getting your products to market. So it becomes crucial to find a supply chain solution that is straightforward, smooth, and transparent. Custom Crating and Logistics ensures on-time delivery of your freight with complete protection.

Personalized electronics:

Consumer electronics logistics are highly influenced by seasonality, with the demand for TVs, for instance, skyrocketing around major sporting events. It’s crucial to meet these deadlines if you want to keep your market share.

Our quick, inexpensive, and adaptable supply chain solutions at Custom Crating and Logistics take care of seasonal needs with various pace allocation products that offer loading guarantees. Our intermodal solutions increase the dependability and flexibility of the supply chain.

Mobile Phones:

In the mobile device industry, speed to market is crucial due to increasing competition. Intermodal transportation and value-added services are necessary for getting your goods to the location at the right time.

No matter where in the world your consumers are, choose from our ocean, rail, and air freight services to guarantee prompt delivery. Higher speed, comfort, and efficiency are all benefits of a well-connected modal combination for you.

Power and the Network:

The ability to shift the needle for your consumers depends on reliable transportation. Follow strict deadlines and regulations to deliver everything from a socket to a sophisticated 5G mobile communication infrastructure.

With Custom Crating and Logistics, benefit from improved visibility at each stage of your cargo’s journey. You have better control over the entire shipping, ensuring that all your projects are completed fully and on time.

Electronics Shipped by Custom Crating and Logistics:

Custom Crating and Logistics ship all types of electronics with complete protection. 

Here is the list of electronics shipped by Custom Crating and Logistics:

  • computer equipment
  • Computer displays
  • LCD and plasma televisions
  • server racks
  • teleconference technology
  • Telecommunications tools
  • testing apparatus
  • delicate laboratory supplies

Shipping Methods for moving electronics:

  • Box trucks and air-ride trailers
  • Moving a nearby blanket-wrap server
  • Long-distance server moves 
  • Box truck or trailer-specific services
  • High-value IT equipment moving by accelerated trucks with two-man, safe, and monitored teams
  • FCL, LCL, or ocean containers
  • Pick-up and packing are available on our dock for your carrier.

Premium Packaging for your equipment:

We will employ the most up-to-date packing techniques to ensure their safety while shipping domestically or internationally.

  • Custom wood containers that may be used repeatedly
  • custom cardboard containers with two walls
  • clamped and wrapped palletization
  • bubble wrap used to reduce static shock
  • floating decks that would let delicate equipment and electronics move laterally, longitudinally, and vertically
  • built-in ramps that make removal and packing simple
  • Tip and shock sensors
  • Use vapor barrier bagging for long-term storage, humid environments, or international maritime transport.

Tips for Shipping Electronics:

You can send these sensitive goods safely and worry-free with sufficient forethought and preparation. We have compiled five shipping recommendations for electronics to help you avoid expensive damage and consumer refunds.

Protecting Batteries:

Almost all portable electrical devices can be recharged. Powerful lithium-ion batteries offer the recharge capacity required in modern high-tech goods. However, they have a lot more power than regular dry cell batteries.

When it comes to shipping, more power entails more responsibility. The risk of a possible spark or explosion is high during air travel. Batteries must be taken out and packaged correctly in a separate container. It entails insulating and coating them with a non-conductive substance to safeguard any exposed terminals.

Electronics with sensitive components:

Electronics cannot all be delivered in the same manner. Take extra care to protect electronics with sensitive components during shipping from unusual physical circumstances that would not damage standard gadgets.

Products may be sensitive to intense g-forces. In actuality, “g-factors” exist for practically every product. The typical flat-screen television is “moderately delicate” between 60 and 85, whereas scientific and sensitive aviation equipment has the lowest g-factors between 15 and 25. The more important it will be to safeguard gadgets from g-forces, the lower the value.

EMI/RF frequencies can affect the sensitivity of some electrical components. Cover such equipment with aluminum shielding for protection. If not protected, such gadgets would be rendered worthless when they arrive. It is advised not to depend on your local pack and ship location to be familiar with the parameters for each item when sending electronics with unique sensitivity.

Choosing Proper Shipping Material:

When transporting electronics, it’s crucial to utilize the proper materials. The simplest method to expose electronics to potential harm is to take shortcuts or use sub-standard packaging materials. Depending on the kind of electrical gadget you are sending, carefully choose packaging materials like:

  • Strong Boxes 
  • Void Fillers 
  • Water Activated Tapes

Strong Boxes: 

Most distributors frequently choose cardboard boxes as their go-to shipping container when setting up a shipment. Corrugated containers are strongly advised for electronics, nevertheless. A ruffled fluting is sandwiched between an interior and an exterior layer in corrugated boxes. Thus, a robust and reusable container is formed that is more resistant to water damage and collapse than its paper and cardboard competitors.

Void Fillers:

Electronics typically have unusual shapes. There will be an air gap that has to be filled unless you are delivering an item in its original packing. There are several ways to occupy the space within a shipping container, including:

  • Packaging Peanuts
  • Air cushions
  • Bubble wrap

The paper should not be used as a filler since the material cannot maintain its form and protect the items in the box.

Water-Activated Tape:

The tape’s water-activated adhesive creates a solid, long-lasting contact with the shipping container. Any tampering will be visible because of the seal’s strength.

Understanding Laws and Regulations: 

The necessary rules and regulations each shipper must follow are among the most ignored components of shipping electronics. Check the import laws of the country you are shipping to, even though there are national and international standards. Otherwise, your consumer could never receive your pricey electrical equipment.

Devices will have their shipping specifications that may need to be followed to preserve warranties or other guarantees, in addition to knowing what is permitted in any shipment.

Many additional factors need to be taken into account when exporting internationally. Different countries have different customs and laws. Additionally, the customs office in the destination country may charge a tax depending on the worth of your electronic gadget.

Insurance of Electronics:

The big shipping carriers have a very high level of dependability. The reliability of shipments locally and internationally has increased thanks to technological advancements and tracking software. But mistakes may and do happen. Understanding the need for package insurance while sending electronics is essential, especially for expensive items.

Even while each carrier offers insurance, it’s sometimes preferable to look for third-party insurance from businesses like Custom Crating and Logistics, which provide top-notch ecommerce shipping solutions. Coverage is usually cost-effective with the ability to buy higher limits and insure packages to more countries. Payment also happens much more quickly if you need to submit a claim.

Packing Cords and Accessories:

At the very least, most devices have a charging wire. Other types of equipment could come with a variety of extra attachments. Each component has to be individually wrapped and fastened within the shipping box.

Separating the wires from the accessories will allow you to identify each component for further identification. Your cargo will also be much better organized and protected from harm caused by cords, items, and extras rubbing up against one another.


You can ship any electronic with Custom Crating and Logistics domestically and internationally. Everything is taken care of, down to the boxes and wrapping. In any case, you won’t have to worry about their security. We are always here to help you understand the convoluted delivery processes if you ever need it.

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