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shipping on offerup

The OfferUp platform is available for iOS, Android, and the web, making it easy to purchase and sell used items. The marketplace is tailored for smartphones, has an endless scroll interface to display huge pictures of things for sale. Buyers may select items by category, price, and distance. Products are promoted depending on the geo-location nearest to the buyer to stimulate face-to-face user interactions and community-centric partnerships.

On the seller side, things are posted instantly by uploading a photo from a user’s smartphone or computer; the platform makes it simple to sift inbound queries by the highest bid before contacting potential buyers to agree on a price and meeting location.

Except for Alaska, Arkansas, and Hawaii, OfferUp offers delivery to and from all US states via the US Postal Service (USPS). Alternatively, if local things are available, you may always meet purchasers to swap them.

How does it work: 

  • By selecting Sell & Shipping nationally, sellers may make their things accessible for delivery.
  • Buyers may pick Ship to me (for things accessible through shipping and locally) or Make an offer (for items not available locally), confirm the proposal, and pay using the app when they find a shippable item they want. Buyers may also choose Buy Now to purchase and have an item dispatched immediately.
  • Offerup sends sellers a pre-paid shipping label. OfferUp uses the OfferUp label to monitor shipments and pay vendors. You will not be able to receive payment through OfferUp if you send an item without this label.
  • Within three business days after accepting the buyer’s offer, the seller must print the pre-paid shipping label and dispatch the item. If the seller doesn’t send the product, the company will immediately terminate the deal.

Shipping policies: 

On OfferUp, you may sell almost anything. Follow the policies listed below to make shipping transactions as simple as possible. OferrUp may suspend or terminate any account or take other action in the event of persistent breaches.

On OfferUp, you may sell almost everything. Make sure you match the following requirements:

  • OfferUp-branded items. It is how OfferUp keeps track of shipments and makes payments to vendors.
  • Under 20-pound items
  • Packages that are no more than 18″ long on one side.
  • The Categorization of packages is into one of four size categories. (X-small, Small, Medium, Large).
  • Items are available for shipment. Custom-order products and event tickets, for example, are disqualified since they may not arrive on time.


Sellers are liable for the payment of a service charge. The customer is usually responsible for shipping costs. As shipping costs vary, the amounts are get displayed for each item. Before you buy, you’ll know how much you’ll have to spend.

If USPS delays a shipment for “postage due,” OfferUp will not pay postage.

If you didn’t choose the right label weight and additional postage is required, don’t send the item as a seller. You’ll have to cancel the transaction and change the weight of your shipment in your posting. Print the revised label when the buyer makes a new offer.


Buyers are responsible for the cost of shipping.

Note that if the seller has not accepted an offer on a shipping item, the buyer can cancel the offer. The buyer has committed to paying for the item after the seller accepts the offer.

The buyers pay the shipping labels. Because shipping costs vary, the amounts are get displayed for each product. You’ll know how much you’ll pay before you buy if you’re the buyer.

Sales Tax: Offerup calculate the sales tax rate depending on the buyer’s ship-to address.

Packaging items to ship: 

When your item is ready to ship, make sure of the safe packaging. The seller is in charge of obtaining the box.

Then, utilize the OfferUp mailing label. It will be sent to you through email and will also be available in the app.

When you list your goods, the delivery cost is computed. The delivery cost is calculated using the item’s estimated weight and size. When you post the product, that cost will be displayed. When the buyer’s money is received, the buyer pays for the label.

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