Here at Custom Crating and Logistics, we’re proud to offer an impressive range of crating and logistics services—from internal logistics to air freight services. But there’s one thing that unites all our services: we use the finest and highest-quality production crates in Elk Grove Village, IL. Take a minute to look through the gallery below, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

A crate filled with computer servers and other equipment that is ready to be closed. Take note of the dividers, the thick bubble wrapping, and the heavy-duty nature of the crates.

These heavy-duty crates are ready to be closed, stacked, and delivered to an industrial client.

This ocean container is loaded with a range of agricultural implements. Take note of the cribbing that is used to support and secure the heavy crate of equipment, as well as the bracing that works to keep the contents stable in heavy seaways.

This production machine is fully enclosed with desiccants, vapor barrier-protected, and ready to be loaded onto an ocean container. It’s not always necessary to crate machines for export if one or more containers are scheduled to ship to the same consignee.

This tradeshow crate is under construction. It features a pullout platform that can roll onto removable steel-channel trestles to streamline the unloading and reloading of heavy show materials. In this image, a large box was built to fit over the center crate on the pullout, with all display pieces stored inside.

Long display case.


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