Are you planning to relocate soon? While small goods should be easy to carry, moving large, heavy furniture might be difficult, especially if you want to relocate solo. Your furniture might be scuffed or destroyed before it ever reaches your new home if you don’t prepare ahead, use the right tools, and use the right equipment. That is why it’s crucial to prioritize furniture protection when relocating. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for safeguarding your furnishings. Here are ten recommendations for protecting furniture while moving, from getting moving insurance to utilizing the correct truck rental gear.

Protecting your furniture should be one of your top considerations, whether you’re moving alone or with the aid of furniture removalists. The last thing you want is to move into your new house with all of your valuable and heavy belongings damaged. Scratches and unattractive markings on your furniture may spoil the pleasure of moving into a new home if you don’t take adequate care and precautions.

Protecting your furniture while moving: 

Valuation coverage and insurance options:

Accidents do occur, so be ready. Don’t think that since you hired expert movers, your belongings won’t get broken or damaged during the relocation. While many professional movers take great care while transporting furniture and other household valuables, some may not. Furthermore, even the most experienced movers make blunders while transporting large items. If you want to employ professional movers to assist you with your move, make sure you look into all of your valuation coverage and insurance choices. It is the initial step in securing furniture during a move. Your movers should provide you with a variety of valuation insurance choices. The amount of responsibility a moving company is willing to accept if your belongings are damaged or lost is called valuation coverage.

Choose a reputable moving company with an excellent track record. Do you require assistance with your search? Custom Crating and Logistics is a reputable and reliable mover that makes it easy to find and book the best moving company for the job. Custom Crating and Logistics is licensed and insured, so you can rest guaranteed that your move will be in better hands.

Disassemble the items you can: 

When relocating, not all furniture should be disassembled. However, if the item can be destroyed before the relocation, we strongly advise doing so. Bed frames, tables, and modular couches are examples of furniture that must be taken apart. If you have the original assembly instructions, you may refer to them for information on how to disassemble the item. Place all pieces in a labeled cardboard box and wrap them in plastic wrap or a protective covering.

Place screws, nuts, and bolts in plastic baggies with labels: 

It’s easy to overlook the screws, nuts, and bolts that keep everything together when disassembling furniture. As you start disassembling furniture components, make sure to store these inside sealed plastic baggies. As you begin to separate furniture pieces, make sure to wrap these in sealed plastic baggies. When you move into your new house and start putting your furniture back together, you won’t have to hunt far for all necessary pieces.

Wrap furniture in the stretch wrap and moving blankets: 

We don’t just toss items aboard a moving truck at random. If you’re moving your furniture, you’ll need to prepare everything first. Wrapping furniture items with plastic wrap is a better way to do so. During shipping, this sticky, tear-resistant cloth protects furniture and other goods. It’s also a fantastic technique to keep furniture components together. Moving blankets are another protective covering that we use while moving furniture. These blankets are thick and protect your walls and furniture items when you move. You could cover moving blankets with large sheets, flattened cardboard, and towels.

Do not attempt to move large pieces of furniture on your own:

It may seem like a foolish idea, but you’d be amazed how many individuals try to lift large furniture without assistance. It is not only dangerous for the person moving the heavy furniture, but it’s also a particular method to shatter or damage the furniture. When moving furniture, make sure you have help. Make an early request for help from friends or family members. Custom Crating and Logistics is here if you can’t locate free assistance. We make it simple for people who are relocating to find and schedule local moving day labor. 

Make use of specialized moving equipment: 

Larger furniture pieces, such as pianos, pool tables, and hefty chairs will require extra equipment. A dolly or hand truck will very certainly be involved. Big chairs, heavy refrigerators, dining tables, pianos, and pool tables are all examples of big furniture and appliances that may be lifted with these. A trailer, moving straps, and a skid board are all possible additional moving necessities. Custom Crating and Logistics provides their clients with specialized equipment protecting their items while moving. 

Hire a moving truck that includes tie-downs and a ramp: 

Do you intend to do everything yourself? You’ll need to rent a moving truck or container with tie-downs and a ramp for a successful DIY relocation. There should be a tie-down track inside the truck rental where you may connect ratchets (or straps) to secure your furniture while driving. It will keep the furniture items in place and prevent them from dropping or cracking when driving the moving truck to its destination. A ramp should include the moving truck or container to facilitate the loading and unloading of large items.

We assure the protection of furniture by providing this service to our clients. 

To move furniture, use gliders, towels, or cardboard: 

Is your flooring made of hardwood? We Place gliders, felt pads, towels, or cardboard underneath the legs of the furniture when moving it around the house. It will avoid scratches on your flooring and furniture items when moved about the place. It is particularly critical if you can’t lift the goods and slide them over the floor.

Doorways should be free of obstructions: 

We clear the doors and entryways from debris to ensure that your furniture makes it safely into and out of the house. With a doorstop, prop the doors open as wide as possible and maintain them open during the relocation. Making it easier to move furniture in and out of the house, and the furniture items will be protected from striking the wall corners while being moved.

Once the furniture has been unpacked and reassembled, clean it: 

Finally, after the furniture items have arrived in your new house, we make sure to clean them using the proper cleaning materials. It’s typical for furniture and furniture cushions to collect dust and filth when traveling. We recommend cleaning everything before reassembling it unless you want it in your new house.

Are you planning to relocate soon?

Do you prefer to have your possessions transported by a moving company? Some tasks (for example, moving large furniture) should be left to the specialists. Fortunately, Custom Crating and Logistics is a professional and trustworthy mover and is the right moving company for secure moving. You can rest confident that your belongings will be in good hands if you choose Custom Crating and Logistics. We assure you the best of success and smooth furniture moving!

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