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Custom Crating and Logistics provides various packaging and crating options to the commercial aerospace sector. Our years of expertise have allowed us to master the art of managing these expensive and challenging commodities.

The best custom packaging is designed by our staff using only the best materials to protect the rough transportation stream. Using spec-driven software and a specialized skill set, we ensure that every crate we create perfectly fits every unique item.

Because we go above and beyond industry norms, aircraft manufacturers and service providers depend on Custom Crating and Logistics for their specialized packing and shipping requirements. We know what it takes to manage any delicate, large, or fragile object.

We ship internationally, utilizing our local, regional, and international networks to keep your aeronautical assets in our immediate vicinity, wherever they may be. You may rely on our Raleigh custom crating business with your belongings. Your shipping demands are all catered to by our specialists and logistics professionals.

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    Services Customized to Meet Your Demands

    As market leaders, we never compromise our values or use a one-size-fits-all strategy to suit your particular requirements and objectives. With consideration for size, form, mode of transportation, fragility, destination, and your unique needs, we develop specialized hardwood boxes and corrugated containers to safeguard your aircraft equipment.

    Our team collaborates with various institutions and corporations, including the armed forces, the federal government, private industry, and aviation firms. We ensure that these goals are achieved since we know these companies rely on the timely and secure delivery of their goods.

    For our clients’ benefit, we develop the most logical, responsible strategies we can use various services. Get in touch with our shipping team to discuss your custom crating and shipping if you have any special requirements.

    Our custom crating services include the following:

    • the development of specific packaging and containers for produced parts
    • Custom Crates for large, heavy, and expensive components
    • packing, crating, and safe handling of reconditioned aeronautical equipment
    • A knowledgeable group of experts who can safeguard your belongings throughout your journey

    Custom Packaging for aerospace items:

    Custom Crating and Logistics provides specialized inside packing for every container we manufacture. To ensure that the contents in crates and containers are safe for transportation, they are lined and stuffed with lots of cushioning materials. We prepare our shipping containers for aerospace items using various cushioning materials, such as polyurethane, polyether, and polystyrene foam.

    When creating packaging solutions for aerospace crating, several elements are considered, including size, weight, fragility, mode of transportation, and destination. The appropriate materials are then employed to preserve your assets, such as corrugated cardboard, wood, anti-static packing, vapor barriers, and thermal shrink wrap.

    Custom Crating aerospace items :

    For each aerospace item we transport, our Custom Crating and Logistics team of experts designs a unique crating solution to assure its safe and damage-free arrival. Our team uses various tools, including a sizable MIL-Spec library, AutoCAD, and specialized cushioning and crate software. Additionally, we use our decades of expertise in creating specialized crating for substantial aircraft components.

    Finding the ideal container for your merchandise is essential for aerospace items. However, reducing shock and vibration is necessary. Because of this, we have become experts in creating and applying the ideal cushioning materials based on item weight, fragility, and vibration sensitivity. The last step to ensure that your shipment will be secured from the hazards of the transportation environment is securely packing your items within the box or crate.

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    Aerospace crating and packaging solutions

    Aerospace package design and crate engineering are the areas of expertise in Custom Crating and Logistics. We are a group of experts who methodically complete the most challenging task while adhering to your requirements. You may trust that the unique padding, bracing, and supports will safeguard your possessions. Our crating and packaging specialists offer a variety of complete packaging techniques that are widely considered.

    Spec MIL crates:

    Our team is honored to collaborate with our armed services and government agencies. We never take for granted the significance of trust in these interactions. We will provide our services to you and every military branch, whether you are a federal, state, or local government. Our MIL-spec crating specialists are knowledgeable and trustworthy. You can rely on us.

    Crates for ISPM 15 Export:

    Our crating crew knows the requirements to deliver your overseas consignment to any nation. We exclusively utilize heat-treated, ISPM-15 certified containers, providing a simple, efficient, and secure delivery and admission for your valuables.

    On-site Crating:

    It is challenging to properly transport aerospace and industrial apparatus to our site for crating since they are sometimes hefty and big. That’s all right; we’ll visit you. On-site at your business, we can design and construct the ideal crate for your item using the tools and materials we have on hand. Custom boxes and pallets made for you will be made with the same accuracy and integrity as those made at our facility. We can even build a custom crate for you and deliver it to your location if you require it.

    Aerospace Crating Services By Custom Crating and Logistics

    Custom Crating and Logistics offers a great deal of knowledge in various aircraft packaging-related fields. Our qualified Military Specification (Mil-Spec) Packaging Specialists have received the necessary training to interpret all standards and SPIs and to complete the labeling and paperwork. From the moment a project leaves the warehouse until it reaches its destination, we can manage tasks of any size. 

    Several of the greatest brands in the aeronautics business rely on Custom Crating and Logistics for their aerospace crating needs, and we are proud of that fact. Custom Crating and Logistics has extensive experience providing wood crates and corrugated boxes with foam linings and contoured supports necessary to protect your valuable cargo while adhering to all manufacturer and government packaging specifications. 

    Your shipment is subjected to various unexpected jolts and shocks once it leaves port, including bouncing over train lines, being jostled around inside containers, air turbulence, and several more unimaginable events. At Custom Crating and Logistics, we have a large selection of cushioning foams for any use, from fully lined crates to shapes with bespoke designs. In many circumstances, the proper amount of foam density is more important than how much foam you use to surround the item. At Custom Crating and Logistics, we create packaging that offers the best protection at the most affordable cost for the application.

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