You must pack fine china carefully if you are moving or need to send it to prevent damage while in transit. The appropriate packaging is necessary to ensure your fine china reaches its destination without damage.

Here are the top 5 steps to packing fragile objects like china, plates, or other household items:

Create a Clean Work Area:

Delicate fine china is made. Start with a tidy and uncluttered area when storing breakable goods like china. The ideal location is a large, vacant dining room table or an open space. You can keep track of your supplies and belongings, prevent damage, and guarantee appropriate packing if you organize this area. It is frustrating when you discover that you forgot to pack a component or break anything because you don’t have enough space to work.

Additionally, we advise using a soft surface when packing delicate objects like fine china. Work on top of the carpet or place some heavy blankets down. Layout objects before you so you can see what you have to work with after a clear space has been chosen.

Purchase the Materials:

Your china’s safety might depend on the choice of materials. Work with fresh, unused packaging materials for the best protection of your items. These additional materials are also necessary if you want to protect your belongings while they are transported.

For the type and quantity of packaging materials, you’ll need to measure and record each item of your china. Find a carton at least 1 inch wider (internal) on every side than the broadest area once you have gathered all the data. Remember that packing materials on the individual pieces must be considered when making these dimensions. Additionally, a double-walled box that is 3″ larger on all sides than your first box is required.

List of Materials:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Tape Gun
  • Tissue Paper
  • 12-inch-sized bubble wrap “sheets that are 12″ × 12″ or 12″ x 24.”
  • 12″ x 12″ or 12″ x 24″ little bubble wrap, 3/16″ “sheets
  • Packing Inner Boxes with Peanuts ” (14″ x 14″ x 20″ suggested)
  • Boxes for dish packs with two walls ” (18″ x 18″ x 27″ suggested)
  • Plastic packing tape that responds to pressure (2″ or 3″ wide)

Group Like Products:

Start by assembling similar pieces in groups of one if you are packing fine china or dishes of various shapes and sizes, such as plates with plates, bowls with bowls, saucers with saucers, etc. You can skip this step and go to the “Tissue Paper” part below if none of them are comparable.

If the sizes and weights of your pieces vary, or if any of them are very fragile, you might want to think about boxing each piece in its tiny box before putting them all in a single, big double-walled box. Just be sure to follow the packing guidelines below. If so, the box should contain a balanced mixture of heavy and light things. If you overburden one side, the burdened side of the box is more likely to sustain damage.

Tissue Paper:

Take your tissue paper and Scotch tape, and carefully wrap each item, sorting them according to kind and size as you go. Instead of using packing tape, which is so strong it can rip straight through the tissue paper, use scotch tape.


To cushion and wrap china for transportation, people frequently use newspapers. But since it is not an insurance-eligible substance and does not adequately safeguard the valuables, it is not advised.

Bubble wrapping:

After each component has been tissue paper wrapped, cover any exposed areas with 3/16″ bubble wrap. Rather than using scotch tape to secure the bubble wrap, you may use \packing tape. Under the cushioning, the china should no longer be detectable.

The next step is to bubble wrap once more, but this time with a bigger one. Repeat the method above using bubble wrap that is 1/2″ thick. Most plates and fine china shatter because they collide as they move about in the shipping box. Your fine china will pass through several hands, vehicles, and places while transported in moving cartons. The best approach to packing dishes is to be extra careful and be ready for anything by securing your china.

Fine China Plates in Packaging:

China plates can be stacked when being transported. Use the little bubble wrap to sandwich each dish together rather than wrapping each one separately. Wrap the whole stack of plates in both directions using the 3/16″ bubble wrap after encircling all the components. Never stack more than five dishes at once if they are heavy. Do not pile more than six if they are delicate and little, like saucers. Plates should only be stacked if they are the same size and kind.

The bundle should first be wrapped in little bubble wrap, at least once in each direction, before being packed with 1/2″ inch bubble wrap. The goal behind this technique is that you shouldn’t be able to feel any plates within the final bundle if you stick your finger into any section of it. Put extra bubble wrap on the area if you can feel the hard surface.

Vacuum Fill:

Place one layer of goods down the bottom of the inner box, covering the bottom with at least 3 inches of packing peanuts. Never let the goods get closer than 3 inches to the box’s edge. Put another layer of packing peanuts on top of the initial layer of objects by at least 2 inches. Add another layer of items after giving the inner box a gentle shake to let the peanuts settle. Continue doing this until you are 1-2 inches from the inner box’s top.

After adding the last layer of things to the box, pile the packing peanuts on top to keep the articles and the peanuts in place when the carton is closed with mild pressure. Avoid applying too much pressure to avoid breaking your dinnerware.

Two-Walled Box:

Packing peanuts should be positioned 3 inches from the bottom of your double-walled dish pack box. After carefully laying the packed inner carton on top of the packing peanuts, fill the space with more packing peanuts. Apply your packing tape evenly over flaps and seams on the top and bottom of the outer box to secure the outside.

Don’t seal your shipment using twine, rope, duct tape, cellophane tape, or masking tape.

Ship Your Fine China Products:

When sending delicate or exquisite china, always choose a reputable shipper. 

Contact Custom Crating and Logistics if you are a merchant or business looking for a way to ship\ exquisite china or other delicate things. We are glad to assist.

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